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    Learn More About Pool Water Test Kits

    The quality of your pool water can make a major difference on the quality of your swimming experience. Without properly balanced water, swimmers may suffer a number of complaints from sore, itchy eyes to dry skin and hair. In fact, water that is contaminated with biological organisms may even cause more serious side effects and illnesses which is why it is so important to regularly check your pool’s water quality with pool test kits.

    Generally speaking, basic 4-way water test kits are designed to check the pH, chlorine (or other sanitizer levels), alkalinity, and calcium hardness of your pool. To ensure the healthiest, most sanitary, clearest water quality, you should be testing your water every day. Swimming pool test kits provide a convenient and simple package for checking all elements of water quality. Specialty Pool Products carries Taylor test kits, AquaChek pool test strips and other top brands in pool test kits.

    The benefits of swimming pool test kits are fairly simple. First of all, pool water test kits provide you with all the materials you need to check for balanced pH, sanitizer, alkalinity, and calcium hardness in one convenient package. You can choose between test strips, liquid kits, and digital testers depending on your preference. Each of our swimming pool testing kits provides all the information you need to quickly and accurately diagnose problems with water chemistry. Moreover, there are available swimming pool testing kits at PoolProducts.com for chlorine, bromine, biguanide, and salt pool systems. In addition to the convenience, pool water test kits can save you money. Because all your testing materials are included in one package, our pool testing kits offer a considerable discount over buying testing materials individually for each of your pool chemicals.

    As a pool owner, nothing is more important than creating and maintaining a safe swimming environment. Pool chemistry can be a bit tricky at the start but the pool test kits at Specialty Pool Products will help you monitor your above ground or in-ground pool water so that you can make the necessary adjustments to perfect your water quality.