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    Shop Steps & Ladders

    Deluxe Step Entry System Makes Your Pool Easier, Safer to Use

    Designed with strength and safety in mind, the Deluxe Step Entry System provides easy access in and out of the pool for all swimmers. Double handrails on both side of the step system provide adequate grip for kids and adults, and the self-closing, self-latching outer gate is lockable to keep unsupervised swimmers out of the pool.

    Curve Step System Gives Inground Pools Convenience & Style

    Smooth, curved steps and sturdy handrails on the curve step system make entering and exiting your inground pool easier and safer for swimmers of all ages. Three molded steps are super strong and chemical resistant, providing a solid footing and sitting space in the pool. Above ground pool owners, don’t fear! The Above Ground Pool Curve Step System is available as well.

    How to Build Steps & Seats Into Your Inground Pool

    If you’re planning to build a new inground pool or do some serious upgrading and enhancements to the pool you already have, you might want to consider building in steps and seats. Our SPP blog provides options and pointers on how to DIY build inground pool steps and seats into your pool to make your pool more custom and comfortable.

    How to Choose the Right Type of Pool Deck

    Wood or plastic/blog/choosing-and-installing-above-ground-pool-decking? Installing a deck for your above ground pool starts with choosing the type of material, wood or vinyl resin. Each has their advantages, and our SPP pool experts lay out the different types of pool decks to have around your pool and why you would want a particular type of deck over the other.

    Pool Steps, Ladders & Rails for Above Ground & Inground Pools

    Swimming pool ladders, swimming pool steps and swimming pool entry systems serve very important functions. Not only do they make getting in and out of your swimming pool easier (especially for children, seniors and those with physical limitations), but they also provide an important measure of added safety and security for every swimmer during the swim season. At Specialty Pool Products, we carry a complete line of swimming pool steps, ladders and rails for both above ground and inground pools. Give our Pool Experts a call today, at 1-8-983-7665. We can help you select just the right model, at just the right price!

    Above ground pool ladders and steps are typically constructed from easy-care materials such as vinyl, resin or composite plastics, and with handrails made from stainless steel, resin or polyethylene. They are available in a range of price points (each with varying features and life span), and are manufactured to meet basic safety and weight / capacity guidelines. The range of available ladders and step systems for aboveground swimming pools is quite extensive. Today's pool owners can choose from a basic in-pool ladder (that attach to pool decking), a "cake-style" in-pool step system, a classic A-frame ladder, and a pool entry system with special safety features such as locking gates and anti-entrapment features. For example, the Confer Roll Guard A-frame safety ladder features a locking roll-guard that when closed, completely covers the outside ladder treads, to prevent unauthorized access to your pool. And the Safe and Secure entry system features a self-closing, self-locking gate that restricts access when the pool is closed.

    Inground pool ladders and rails are generally made from stainless steel. Most inground in-pool steps (including "wedding cake" style steps) feature a rail and a plastic resin step base. Replacement steps, rails and hardware are also available, and make it easy to repair your existing equipment, saving you money. And special step and ladder accessories such as Kool Grips (soft, zippered sleeves that fasten over Pool & Spa handrails, providing a secure grip and protecting skin from hot metal on sunny days) can enhance your steps, and swimmers' experience.

    Both inground and above ground steps & ladders feature anti-skid step surfaces and wide treads for extra safety. Hand rails can vary between single or double set, depending on the style & type of ladder or step. Colors are typically white or light taupe, to match existing pool décor. And all of our units are easy to install yourself, which can save you significant money versus working with your local pool store. Note that you should never paint pool steps and ladders, as the paint can potentially contaminate your pool water as well as compromise safety features (such as anti-skid surface).

    Before you purchase an aboveground or inground pool step or ladder, you should ask yourself a few important questions. First, consider how you plan to use your pool steps or ladders, and what models are appropriate for your type of swimming pool. Choosing a basic A-frame ladder vs. a deluxe pool entry system could be based on whether your pool is used continually during the swim season, or typically just on weekends. Do you have a large number of swimmers, or just a few? Are they mainly children, adults or a mix of both? Do you have swimmers who would benefit from extra support and assistance? Are there small children who need to be kept away from the pool when it's not in use, for safety reasons? The answers to those questions could determine whether you choose a simple stainless steel ladder, an A-frame or a locking entry system. Regardless of which product you choose, you'll appreciate the added ease of using your swimming pool, all swim-season long.

    If you have any questions regarding any of our swimming pool steps or ladders, or need more information about which ones are best for your swimming pool, your budget and your situation - call the Pool Experts at Specialty Pool Products today, at 1-800-983-7665. We'll be glad to help.