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    Stain Removal & Treatments for Pools

    Your swimming pool was a sizeable investment and one that you want to protect. Creating a swimming oasis with crystal clear water is the best way to attract swimmers, but that takes work. Unsightly and unwanted pool stains are invariably caused by one of two factors: metals or organic contaminants. Pool stain removers are designed to help you maintain a stain-free pool no matter the cause, and PoolProducts.com carries an array of products for removing pool stains of all varieties.

    First, start by identifying the type of stain. Organic stains are usually caused by decaying leaves or other organic contaminants like algae. Metal pool stains are often the result of improper water balance or can even be caused by pool equipment or a high metal content in your fill water. Experts will agree that organic pool stain removal is the easiest and your regular chlorine treatments may be enough to remove organic stains. You can recognize organic stains by their color as they are usually brown or green (just like the contaminants that cause them). If you notice an organic stain, you can try shocking your pool or even one of our pool stain removers.

    Metallic pool stain removal can be a bit trickier. Metallic stains tend to be reddish brown or darker colors, and if you see these deeper colors, they are probably the result of metals in your pool water. Iron, manganese and copper are the most common metals to cause stains, and you can use something like metal eliminator and stain preventer or Natural Chemistry’s METALfree pool chemical to eliminate these stains by breaking down and removing metals from your pool. When your pH or other chemicals are out of balance, you run the risk of high metal content in your pool. These metals lead to calcium build-up and other unsightly stains. Specialty Pool Products has a range of excellent pool stain removers and pool stain removal equipment om PoolProducts.com that break down and lighten these stains and prevent future problems.