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    Inground Pool Safety Covers Tips and Info

    What Are the Benefits of an Inground Pool Safety Cover?

    There are many benefits to covering your inground pool with a safety cover for the winter, and this article clearly illustrates each.

    Tips for Winter Pool Safety for Inground Pools

    Pool Safety in the winter is just as important when it's closed as it is when it's open in the summer. Our experts offer their best tips on how to safely winterize an inground pool.

    Safety Cover Hardware For Inground Pools

    We have everything and anything you might need for your inground pool safety cover from anchors to tension springs to patches. We have safety cover hardware covered.

    Pool Safety Cover Patch Kits

    Safety Cover Patch Kits are made from identical mesh material as a safety cover but with an industrial strength adhesive on the back. They save money and last for years.

    A Safety cover is a solid vinyl or mesh winter cover, that's designed to be pulled taut across the pool, and is secured with straps to brass anchors that are installed around the entire pool's perimeter. A safety cover differs from a traditional tarp-style winter cover because in addition to preventing leaves, dirt & debris from getting into your pool water while the pool is closed, a safety cover also prevents accidental submersion & drowning - should anyone (or anything - like a pet or area wildlife) venture out onto the safety cover while it's on the pool. With a Safety Cover protecting your pool, you are also providing protection for your family, neighbors, pets and wildlife. To allow for proper installation, a safety cover requires approximately 36" of concrete decking, wood, pavers or other suitable rock around the perimeter of the pool - so there is a solid surface for the anchors to be set within. Find great information and step-by-step instructions on safety cover installation.

    Should You Choose Mesh or Solid Safety Cover Material?

    Deciding on the specific type of safety cover material is the first step in choosing the safety cover that's right for your swimming pool, and your situation. To have a better understanding of safety covers, you can read details on how safety covers are made before you decide which type of cover and material is best for your application.

    Mesh Safety Covers

    Mesh safety cover material is generally lighter and easier to handle than solid material, so you will have an easier time getting your new safety cover on and off your pool. Mesh safety cover material prevents larger debris & dirt from entering the pool, while still allowing rainwater and snow melt to seep into the pool, saving on resources and eliminating the need for a cover pump.

    Solid Safety Covers

    Solid safety cover material's big advantage is that it prevents fine particles & sunlight from entering the pool, which helps keep your pool water clean over the winter by preventing dirt and algae accumulation. With a cover made from solid material, water is kept off the cover either through use a drain panel (mesh panel or panels built into the cover) or a cover pump.

    Why Buy a Safety Pool Cover? There are several reasons why more and more inground pool owners are choosing a safety cover for their pool closing:

    To Protect your Investment

    Safety covers provide the ultimate in protection from the elements during the off-season, keeping your pool in peak condition and making for an easy, predictable pool opening in the spring.

    To Safeguard Family & Pets

    Safety covers form an impenetrable barrier that gives your family, neighbors and pets unparalleled protection from accidental submersion.

    To Save Time & Effort

    Safety covers are simple to use, and let you spend less time struggling with pool closing and pool opening chores. You can always find helpful pool closing tips to make your pool closing as smooth and successful as possible at PoolProducts.com.

    To Save Money in the Long Run

    Because safety covers last for years longer than the typical winter cover, they pay for themselves in just a few seasons - and give you trouble-free performance, season after season - unlike most standard winter covers. Find out more about the benefits of a safety cover along with how to protect your cover with proper winter cover cleaning and storage through our detailed informational articles.

    For a More Tailored Appearance

    Many pool owners prefer the more tailored, finished look that a safety cover can provide during the off season. Standard winter covers simply can't give you this benefit.

    At PoolProducts.com, we're safety cover experts! We carry an enormous selection of safety covers, in a wide variety of styles and sizes. And since we're a preferred partner with the finest safety cover manufactures in the industry, we can get you the best possible price.