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    Rinse Before & After Using the Pool

    The solar heated outdoor shower is a great way to keep your pool cleaner by rinsing away any dirt, grass blades or other types of small debris before getting into the pool. And when you get out of the water, the outdoor shower is excellent for washing chlorine and other pool chemicals off your skin, swimsuit and hair. Shower is solar heated for comfort and mounts to any surface or stands on its own with the included base.

    Keep Your Towels & Swim Suits Neat & Dry

    When you’re swimming, keep your towels hanging neatly on the poolside towel hanging rack and off the dirty, wet pool deck or patio. When you get out of the pool and are dried off, the pool rack is a great place to hang your towels as well as your swimsuits to air dry naturally. The rack base fills with water for stability.

    Use the Sun’s Energy to Heat Your Pool

    Most pool owners buy a pool heater powered by gas or propane because the heater’s upfront heater’s cost is lower than other heater types. However, those same pool owners find energy costs can get a little pricey keeping their pool water temperate. Here’s a blog post from one of our pool experts explaining the advantages and versatility of solar pool heaters.

    Poolside Accessories Make For a Fun-Filled Summer

    Having your own backyard pool is great, and having the right pool accessories makes it even greater. Our SPP blog gives you some options on how you can make your pool and poolside area even more fun by adding accessories like pool floats, fountains, slides and diving boards.

    Outdoor Shower - Poolside and Solar Pool Showers

    An outdoor shower makes an excellent addition to your pool and patio space. Pool showers are simple to use, require no installation or plumbing, and are a great way to cool off during the hot summer sun and to rinse off before or after using your swimming pool or outdoor spa. PoolProducts.com’s selection includes several modes that use the energy from the sun to heat your water, so they’re super-comfortable to use and extremely cost effective versus standard water heating methods. Not only are they great for rinsing off after a swim or soak, a portable pool shower can be used for camping, at the beach house, on your boat or anywhere you want the refreshing comfort of a shower. Perhaps the biggest benefit of our swimming pool showers is that they are rather inexpensive. Compared to the costs of plumbing and installation for traditional outdoor showers, our outdoor poolside showers can save you hundreds of dollars.

    Originally, a solar pool shower consisted of little more than a small PVC bag, some tubing, and a spigot. Today, you’ll find a range of outdoor showers and even cabanas that are attractive and effective. Moreover, poolside showers today may feature a large reservoir of water that is heated by the sun so that many people can enjoy a quick rinse after a dip. In fact, solar pool showers can even connect to a standard garden hose in just minutes.

    Regardless of your budget or style, PoolProducts.com has a variety of pool showers that are a useful accessory for your pool. You never have to worry about swimmers trekking through your house or messing up your bathroom after a pool party. Instead, everybody can quickly rinse of by the pool in your state-of-the-art solar pool shower.