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    Chlorine-Free Pool Chemicals and Chlorine Alternatives

    Chlorine-free pool chemicals, or alternative pool sanitizers, are generally considered chlorine and bromine alternatives. They are gaining in popularity because they do not possess the negative effects that chlorine and bromine have on a swimmer's skin, hair, eyes and swimwear, as well as the damage they can do to your vinyl liner, pool equipment and accessories. Popular alternatives include Nature 2 mineral-based purifiers and Pool Frog systems, salt chlorine generators, a UV water sterilizing system, power ionizers, and a host of others that all work exceptionally well with limited use of a sanitizer or oxidizer.

    Due to the many benefits and advantages that come with using alternative pool sanitizers, PoolProducts.com is happy to provide our customers with a variety of alternative pool sanitizing systems and products. Our Pool Frog mineral systems are some of the most popular alternative pool sanitizers and are available for both in-ground pools and above ground pools. These mineral-based pool-sanitizing systems allow for significantly less chlorine usage and yet will still maintain sparkling clean pool water.

    Our Nature2 Pool Sanitizing Systems are also mineral-based systems and are great for pool owners looking for alternative pool sanitizers. The Nature2 Express Mineral System can reduce chlorine usage by up to 8% and with continuous use will result in less suspended matter in the water and a more balanced pH level. Using alternative pool sanitizers such as the Pool Frog and Nature2 systems allows swimmers to enjoy a healthy, clean swimming environment without bleached hair, harsh chemical odors or eye irritation.

    PoolProducts.com’s selection of alternative pool sanitizers also includes pool salt-chlorine generators and ozone systems. Our pool salt-chlorine generators use salt to naturally produce chlorine and are available from well-respected brands such as Hayward, Resilience, Blue Essence, Intex, and Jandy. Our Corona Discharge Ozonators are also excellent pool water sanitizers and will produce significantly more ozone than other comparably sized ozone generators.

    Finally, pool owners interested in alternative pool sanitizers may also wish to consider the use of pool ionizers. Pool ionizers sanitize water through the process of ionization, which causes the release of copper and silver ions into the water. These ions then kill algae, bacteria and other contaminants. One of the great benefits of using pool ionizers is the fact that these alternative pool sanitizers effectively clean water without irritating skin and eyes or damaging pool liners. Our line of ionizer pool water sanitizers includes models such as the Power Ion System, which is a high quality, effective swimming pool sanitizing system.