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    Chlorine & Bromine

    Chlorine & Bromine - Sanitizers for Swimming Pools, Spas & Hot Tubs

    Sanitizers for swimming pools, spas and hot tubs are essential chemicals for proper water maintenance. In general, sanitizers work by removing potentially harmful contaminants and bacteria from the water, thereby preventing infections and illnesses, as well as cloudy or algae-filled water. In today's market, there are a variety of different sanitizers available, but two of the most popular, powerful and effective options are those that have been available the longest: Pool Chlorine and Pool Bromine.

    How does chlorine work? In general, chlorine sanitizes pool and spa water by penetrating the cell walls of bacteria and other microorganisms, rendering them inactive and therefore harmless. At Specialty Pool Products, we offer a wide variety of chlorine for swimming pools, including granular chlorine plus chlorine sticks, 3 inch chlorine tabs and 1 inch chlorine tabs. Chlorine sticks and 3 inch chlorine tablets are excellent for use in automatic chemical feeders and floating chlorinators. Granular chlorine is typically dissolved in water before introduced to the pool, and it is also a great choice for spas and hot tubs. All SPP chlorine products are available in a range of sizes to meet the needs of various types of swimming pools & spas, plus in money-saving chlorine value packs.

    Bromine sanitizes water much in the same way as Chlorine does, but since it dissolves at a much slower rate, Bromine is ideally suited for use with a chemical feeder. Bromine is also a great alternative for those who have sensitivities to chlorine as it is less irritating to swimmers' skin & eyes than chlorine and does not produce a strong chlorine odor. PoolProducts.com, we offer 1 inch bromine tabs in a variety of package sizes plus in money-saving bromine value packs and a bromine start-up kit for spas and hot tubs.

    To learn even more about chlorine and bromine, we provide an all-inclusive guide explaining everything about pool chlorine and alternatives. Whether you choose SPP Chlorine or SPP Bromine for your pool and spa water sanitizing needs, you can rest assured you will receive the freshest, highest-quality products available, at the absolute lowest price possible. Plus, many of our chlorine and bromine items are available with 1-day delivery to most areas of the country. Both chlorine and bromine will help you maintain clean, fresh sparkling clear pool and spa water, that's free of harmful contaminants and will let you enjoy worry-free, healthy fun and relaxation with your friends and family. Have questions about pool water sanitizing? Give the Pool Experts PoolProducts.com a call, at 1-800-983-7665. We'll be happy to help.