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    Pool Chlorinators and Chemical Feeder Tips and Info

    The Benefits of Automatic Chlorinators for Inground and Above Ground Pools

    We analyze why automatic chlorinators are better than manually adding chemicals to your pool.

    How Do Automatic Chlorinators and Chemical Feeders Work?

    Understand the advantages of an automatic chlorinator for an above ground or inground swimming pool.

    Automatic Pool Chlorinator Parts

    Find the right automatic pool chlorinator part for a successful installation in an inground or above ground pool.

    Swimming Pool Plumbing Parts For Chlorinators

    Quickly and easily search for a replacement swimming pool plumbing part for a chlorinator by brand, category, or model.

    Regardless of the importance of maintaining the sanitation and cleanliness of pool water for creating a positive swimming experience free from unnecessary health risks, many pool owners find pool chemical maintenance demanding and time-consuming. Obviously, we'd all prefer to spend more time in the pool and less time maintaining it, but sanitizing your pool can never be neglected. That’s why many pool owners prefer to use pool chlorinators to automatically administer sanitizer to their pool water.

    Pool chemical feeders are fairly simple devices that hold larger amounts of chlorine or bromine and gradually release these chemicals into the pool. These chemical feeders were invented so pool owners would have a reliable, convenient method for administering the correct amount of chlorine to their pools with less effort and hassles with fewer mistakes. Pool chlorinators also ensure that your pool water is chemically balanced automatically.

    There are various types of swimming pool chemical feeders:

    Floating pool chlorinators are among the most popular and affordable automatic pool chemical feeders. You might have noticed a Cool Shark pool chlorinator or a more traditional chlorine and bromine floating feeder bobbing up and down in your friend's pool or hot tub. They are convenient and adaptable, and floating pool chemical feeders can be used in any type of pool – in-ground, above ground, spa or hot tub.

    Automatic chemical feeders can usually be used with either chlorine or bromine and work alongside your pool's pump and filtration system. Some of these pool chemical feeders are easy to install and require little maintenance and are designed especially for above ground pools while other pool chemical feeders are installed in your inground pool’s plumbing system next to the pool's heater.

    Swimming pool chemical feeders can certainly take some of the pressure off when it comes to pool water maintenance. These automatic feeders ensure regular administration of sanitizing chemicals so that you are sure that your water is clear and sanitary without devoting countless hours of your own time. As always, feel free to call our knowledgeable pool pros at PoolProducts.com at (800) 983-7665 with any questions you may have about pool chemical feeders or pool equipment in general.