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    Pool Algaecides

    Pool algaecides are chemical treatments for swimming pools, spas and hot tubs, fountains and garden ponds that kill algae and prevent its growth. Most pool chemical kits include algaecide for pools because algae are ideally suited for growth in water and very wet environments. When algae start blooming in your pool this can cause the water to become cloudy and unappealing. In fact, without algaecide for swimming pools, it's even possible for a layer of scum to form on the top of your pool and prevent sunlight from entering the water. While algae in your pool will make the water very unattractive, algae can also be dangerous to humans as it releases toxins that can cause illnesses which gives pool algaecides even more importance for your pool’s sanitization.

    Algaecides were designed to be a quick and efficient way of killing algae in your pool and preventing further growth. Moreover, the use of algaecide for swimming pools requires that you use less pool chlorine to purify the water. As a result, pool algaecides can help create a pleasant swimming environment free of stinging eyes and dried out hair that can be caused by heavily chlorinated pool water.

    PoolProducts.com stocks an impressive selection of swimming pool algaecides that will help you easily rid your pool of algae. Plus, algaecides can even extend the life of your pool filtration system because without algae in your pool there is less organic material to block your filter and pump.