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    Read More on the Importance of Pool Alarms & Safety Equipment

    Pool alarms and pool safety equipment should be looked upon with the same importance of having a pool pump and filter – especially if you have kids or pets at home.

    As a pool owner, having a pool alarm and the right safety equipment should be the same priority as making sure your pool water is clean, clear and safe to swim in. This is especially the case if you have children or pets that can wander near the pool and jump or fall in without any nearby supervision.

    Pool alarms are a great way to alert adults or others in emergency situations where a child or pet entered the pool without anyone being around to watch or help them. Pool alarms sound an alert outside and inside your home (on some models) if something is detected getting into the pool when there shouldn’t be. There are different types of alarms, such as underwater sensor alarms, you can use depending on if you have an in-ground pool or above ground pool. Some alarms, like the Poolguard Safety Buoy pool alarm, detect wave motion beyond a certain height while other alarms, like the PoolEye PE20 inground pool alarm, sense surface and sub-surface waves to sound the alert.

    Pool fence kits are also great safety devices that prevent entry to pool areas, keeping unsupervised pools inaccessible. Pool fence kits come in different sizes, colors and styles, and they are generally easy to set up and install for both above ground pools and in-ground pool areas.

    Pool door and gate alarms help alert adults if someone is trying to get into the pool or pool area without supervision or authorization. These alarms provide you a heads-up on a potentially dangerous situation before it happens, giving you time to intervene. A pool gate alarm is highly effective, especially when used with some Safetech self-closing hinges and a gate locking kit.

    PoolProducts.com provides all the pool alarm and safety equipment you could ever think of. We want you to have fun with your pool, but of course safety is always the priority. Find the items that will protect your family, friends and pets at great, low prices at PoolProducts.com.