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    When You Love to Swim But Have No Pool

    May 4, 2017

    frank on an inflatable whale

    It’s that time of year when every other blog seems to be about opening your pool and all the great new stuff you can get for your pool this summer. If you’re anything like me, you look out the back window of your Jefferson Park bungalow and see nothing but brown grass, and OH how I dream of there being a pool out in the backyard to enjoy all summer long. There’s not, but over the years I’ve learned some ways to work around this sad fact, and, just because we’re kindred, pool-less spirits, I’m going to share what I’ve learned with you.

    The first important thing is, when your neighbor asks you to leave his pool, you probably should leave. Don’t argue, don’t plead, don’t beg for just 10 more minutes like a six-year-old, if your neighbor asks you to get out and go home, you probably should.

    funny-guy-pool-float-istockphotoThis is especially true if you’re in the pool and your neighbor comes home from a hard day’s work, comes out to the pool and you’re floating on his luxury pool lounger with one of his Hamm’s in the drink holder. I’m here to tell you there is absolutely zero ways to convince your neighbor to allow you to stay in this scenario, so be cool, get out and take note what time your neighbor gets home.

    To smooth things over, and buy some influence, you should consider ordering your favorite neighbor some pool supplies like a six-pack of shock or a quart of algaecide. Have them shipped to your house, then set them on their front porch with a nice note that reads something like "Sorry I was swimming in your pool when you weren’t home and without your permission. Please accept these pool chemicals as an olive branch, and to clear-up those unfortunate stains (sorry). Sincerely, Frank".

    24in-leaf-rakeYou could also make a different type of deal with a neighbor, to clean the pool every time you visit, or pool-sit during their vacations or business travels, or help them open and close the pool each spring and fall. If you show up with a 24" Leaf Rake, how could he turn you down?

    Why be a schmuck and try to sneak in the pool for free? Make a deal! That's what my grandfather would say.

    Now, if you do somehow work your way back into your favorite-neighbor-with-a-pool’s good graces, it would be a really good idea to learn some pool etiquette. If you are ever lucky enough to hear, “Frank, I appreciate all the help with the pool recently. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I don’t mind if you use the pool once in a while” - it’s important to understand that he doesn’t mean you can call six friends to hang out in his pool and all over the deck and patio. But if you do, bring enough towels with you so you’re not tracking water all over his house when you’re looking for some snacks and something to drink.

    You see, I’m just trying to help - because I care, and I hate seeing people all sad and pouty because they don’t have a pool. Be thankful that there are pools in your neighborhood. I’ve learned these things the hard way so you can have a head start on making any neighbor with a pool, your BFF.

    If you play it cool from the beginning, chances are you will be granted back-stage access to your neighbor’s pool. But if you don’t get his or her blessing to use their pool, all is not lost. I hear lots of hotels these days have a really nice pool, and I suppose if you show up with a swimsuit, they might just assume you’re a paying guest.guy-on-pool-float-istockphoto

    But why be a schmuck? Make a deal with the guy at the front desk. Tell him you know people in the pool business (you know me!), and that you are happy to provide your expert water analysis (be sure to bring some test strips), for the small fee of a dip in their beautiful blue pool water.

    Get ready for summer!

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    SPP Pool Expert
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