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    What's Better than a 2-Speed Pump? A 3-Speed Pump!

    August 4, 2014
    Matt Spencer

    speck-3-speed-pool-pumps Two-Speed pool pumps were introduced in the 70's in response to the energy crisis. For many states, the energy crisis never stopped, and many are requiring pool owners and pool service companies to install multi-speed or variable speed pumps, when replacing a pump over 1 hp. It's good policy, because it's a win-win. The utility company has more supply, and the pool owner instantly cuts their pump electric bill in half.

    SPP has partnered with famed German pump manufacturer Speck, to provide our inground pool kit customers with a unique 3-speed pool pump that is solidly built. Some call Speck the Mercedes Benz of pool pumps; Speck pumps are known for high efficiency, advanced self-diagnostics and durability.

    2-Speed vs. 3-Speed

    2-Speed Pumps can operate on high (3450 RPM) or on low (1725 RPM). They are meant to run in low speed all the time, and then switch to high speed for just a few hours per day. The problem is, wiring 2-speed pumps is a challenge, and costs extra - because now you need to buy a two-speed timer, and you need to add another wire, the low speed wire. Pool forums are full of people trying to figure out how to convert from single speed to dual speed.

    speck-wiring-diagramSIMPLE TO WIRE: 3-Speed Pumps by Speck are simple to wire, just bring in two 115v wires (Line 1 and Line 2), and connect the green ground wire - the same wiring as any single speed pump using 230v. No need to change your timeclock or run another wire, which adds hundreds of unexpected dollars to the job, just reconnect the existing wires in the same fashion.

    SIMPLE TO USE: Speck's 3-Speed comes on in priming mode for 2 minutes, then switches to high speed for two hours before switching to your choice of medium or low speed. When shut off, manually or by your timeclock, the cycle begins again. Control panel allows you to switch speed at any time. Used in this manner, you do not need to switch it from high to low, it's done automatically for you by the controller.speck-pump-aquatecknix

    3 SPEED SETTINGS HIGH SPEED: 3450 RPM - used for vacuuming, water features or pool cleaners. MEDIUM SPEED: 2600 RPM - used for gentle spa action,or increased filtration. LOW SPEED: 1600 RPM - used for everyday filtration and skimming of the pool.

    SIMPLE TO FIX: The advanced diagnostics of the Speck pool pump alerts you with a single Error indicator light. The number of times it flashes tells you what's up - from low voltage (2 flashes), to overheating (4 flashes) - it even senses if the motor shaft is locked up (6 flashes).

    Speck-pool-pumpBut, it's not likely that you'll have to repair this pump anytime soon. The motor is brushless, permanent-magnet DC motor. These motors run cool, and quiet, not like standard motors that run loud and hot.

    Speck pump parts are quality made (and yes, we also have replacement parts for Speck pumps), and all pumps are factory tested before shipment.

    Want another good reason to buy a Speck pump? All plastic parts are made using 100% recycled plastics. Efficient and Eco-Friendly!

    Take Care ~ let us know if you have any questions about switching from a single speed to a multi speed pool pump.

    Matt Spencer
    SPP Pool Expert

    Blog Author
    Matt Spencer