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    Vacation Time: What About the Pool?

    July 9, 2017
    Matt Spencer

    summer travel graphicIt's summertime, and that means time to pile into the family truckster and head off on the always pleasant family vacation where the kids behave nicely and play together like friends.

    While you're driving congested roads, or flying to a paradise island no one can pronounce, there may come a moment for you of true pool panic.

    To help with any anxiety, here's some ideas on what to do with your pool when you head off on vacay this summer.

    The first rule of pool panic is: don't panic. Seriously, it's just a pool. Don't let the thought of your pool becoming the neighborhood lagoon ruin a fun trip somewhere nice. If your pool goes green, you can always make it clear again with a little work, so unless it spawns some mutated Godzilla creature in the days you are away, don't worry.

    One way to ease your mind is to take some steps before you leave to have the pool ready to go, when it's time to go.

    Add Water: To start, fill the pool a little higher than usual because of evaporation, which could lead to circulation problems if the water level is too low. If you have any leaks in the liner or around the skimmer, patch them up with EZ Patch 28 sealant.

    pool shock sppBalance & Shock: A few days before leaving, test and balance the water chemistry, adjusting pool pH to 7.2 or so, and then add pool shock to leave the pool sanitary. Load up your automatic chlorine feeder or floater with chlorine tablets or sticks. After the pool shock dissipates, add some algaecide to the water for extra protection.

    Backwash: Depending on the type of pool filter you use, either backwash your sand or DE filter or clean your filter cartridge to make the filtering system as efficient as possible. Empty the pump and skimmer baskets.

    pool timeclockSet the Timer: Run your pool filter system at least 12 hours a day while you're gone, and you can do this easily with a pool pump timer. Some pool owners run it for 24 hours a day while on vacation just to keep the water and chemicals circulating, or you could over-filter the water the week before you leave on vacation, to start-off with extra clean water.

    Neighbor Check: The best way to fight pool panic may be to have a neighbor check on your pool. Chances are they use your pool when you're not there anyway ;-) so hopefully they are kind enough to pay you back. They could empty the skimmer baskets, skim the water surface, check the pressure gauge, add chemicals, or just a quick look over the fence to make sure the water is still blue and circulating.

    Schedule a Service Call: If you'd rather not have the neighbors checking on the pool, you could contact a local pool service company to pay a service visit. That could be the best solution for vacations lasting longer than 7-10 days.

    safety pool coverCover the Pool? Solar blankets should be removed, but if you will be on vacation for an extended period, a safety cover can allow you to operate the pool while covered, keeping it clean and safe.

    Even a regular winter cover and cover pump could afford protection through a month of sun and rain. Winter pool covers protect the pool, and discourage unauthorized use, and a covered pool could go 3-4 weeks between visits, for chemical and filtering checks.

    Now lean your head back into your head rest and pretend the kids in the backseat aren't yours and dream about the beauty you'll see and the fun you'll have on your summer vacation.

    Blog Author
    Matt Spencer
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