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    Steps & Seats in your DIY Inground Pool

    June 27, 2013


    Earlier this week, Larry laid out how to install steps and seats in your inground vinyl pool. Today, we take a look at the options available to a DIY pool builder for Steps, Seats and Benches used on a vinyl liner pool.

    There are probably more step and seat options than you care to consider; with so many choices, you may have trouble deciding which step or seat to include in your pool kit.sit-n-step

    To make it easier, SPP Pool Kits include the popular Sit 'N Step, shown here, in your choice of a 6' or 8' width.

    In most cases, this is the step that we ship to our DIY pool builder customers. However, you can always select a different step or add additional steps to your pool.

    Pool Kit Step Options

    Add a Second Step: For Sports pools, those with two shallow ends, and a deeper middle area, two steps are used, one on each end. Steps must be used in shallow floor areas, they can't be installed in a deep end section of the pool. But you can have two steps, one on each side of the shallow area, rather than the usual single step.


    Use a Corner Step: When you layout your pool, you do not have to place your pool step on the shallow end wall. If you want, you can place your step on one of the long walls, close to the shallow end corner. Or, you can also install a corner step - in one or both of the shallow end corners.


    Step Colors: White is the standard color, but most steps are also available in a Grey Granite or Blue Granite color. These colors blend with liners and pool decks better, and is harder to stain than the white steps. Colored steps are an increase in your pool kit price, $350-$450, depending on the step.


    Vinyl Over Step: This option is available for all of our pool kits. Instead of an Acrylic step that disrupts the flow of the vinyl liner pattern, a step can be placed beneath the vinyl, and attached to the pool wall. There is some extra charge for this type of step structure, and the cost of the liner, which is made to fit the step. Altogether, it can add $1000 to your pool kit cost, but is an attractive option, giving the pool a more integrated appearance, and an uninterrupted pool shape.

    Vinyl-Over-Step can be used to provide additional bench seating areas and a dramatic entrance to a vinyl liner pool kit. They can sweep around the entire shallow end wall, or be used in the shallow end corners. A true wedding cake style step is a popular option for this type of vinyl pool step, in sizes from 6' to 11' radius.


    For pool designs that use an automatic pool cover, this type of in-pool step allows the auto cover to completely cover the pool and steps.

    Pool Kit Seat Options

    Pool Seats or Benches add additional places to sit and lounge in the pool. Usually placed in the deep end of the pool, they also give an additional pool exit for small children or animals that happen to fall in the pool. If you are planning on an active pool, with a diving board, a swimout in the deep end is better to use than a deep end ladder.


    Swim 'N Lounge: It's a comfortable, 6' wide kick-back bench, built for two. Although not designed as a step, it can be used to exit the pool. These are available in straight (not curved) sections, and in 3 colors.

    You need a 6 ft straight run of pool wall to mount the Swim N lounge. And some extra pool budget - the swimout will add close to $1500 to your pool kit pricing.

    SunLedge: This tanning shelf is great for a shallow water soak, or a very shallow spot for mom and a toddler to play. Park your pool float in this spot, or lay directly on the smooth textured surface.


    The Sunledge, it's not technically a step, but will function very well as one. You need an 8 ft straight section of pool wall for the ledge, and it can be put in the shallow or deep areas of the pool.

    Made to fit our 42" walls, and in 3 colors, adding a Sunledge will add a lot of oohs and ahhs to your pool, but will also add around $1500 to your pool kit prices.

    Pool Steps and Seats. Just another one of those early decisions that are made when you design your dream pool. Remember, every SPP Pool Kit includes the Sit 'N Step, but if you'd like to make any changes or additions, we will give you all the information and pricing needed to buy a pool kit that will be the envy of the neighborhood, and your pride and joy, since you built it yourself!

    Chris Low
    SPP Pool Expert

    Blog Author
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