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    Small Yard, Small Pool

    January 5, 2016
    Sheryl Somers


    Small pools are becoming ever more popular these days. Not just for tiny urban lots anymore, many homeowners are opting for smaller pools that can be contained and maintained more easily, in addition to being affordable and quick to construct.

    A small pool may not be half the cost of a pool twice it's size, due to certain fixed costs, but it can save as much as 40% of the cost to build your own inground pool!

    Small pools come in all shapes (and sizes), and are best when designed to fit snugly, complementing the space.

    Here are a selection of 21 small pools, in rectangle, round and kidney shapes - that are absolutely fabulous!


    This gem of a pool from Australia recently underwent a renovation with loads of landscaping, tile and glass fencing. Read more about this pool transformation on the Paddo to Palmy blog. small-rectangle-pool-1

    Another small rectangular pool, with built in waterfall. At only 6'x15', this pool could fit almost anywhere, and is easy to enclose for protection. small-rectangle-pool-2

    We've featured this pool before, in an Awesome Aboveground Pool Decks post - it is in fact an above ground pool package, wrapped in wood and stone, to give the appearance of an inground pool. And, it's small enough to fit nearly anywhere! semi-abovceground-pool

    Here's an idea you do not see everyday, by cnbhomes.com. This lap pool appears to float in mid-air, with a vinyl liner interior, and a shell that may be a re-purposed container or basin. rectangle-pool-cool

    Lap pool by Sydney Architects made of poured concrete, takes up most of this small backyard, but gives back so much more. A blend of wood and plants wrap the pool beautifully. Hard to see, but at the far end is a 6'x6' spa; between pool and spa is a 6'x8' equipment area, wrapped in wood. small-lap-pool-3

    For this beachfront Miami home, having a pool just outside the back door brings the ocean so close, with relaxing reflections all day long. Heavy concrete frame surrounds this patio pool, a good choice for wet sandy soils and palm trees. Design by Juan Montoya, photo by Ken Havden. small-rectangle-pool-3

    Walk right out the back door and into the pool, this small rectangle pool appears to be an extension of the house, taking up just a sliver of the back patio, which surely opens up to a great view beyond - see the horizon reflected in the window. small-lap-pool-2


    For freeform shapes like this, better call in an experienced gunite pool contractor. In this case, Lewis Aquatech in Northern Virginia designed and built this small plunge pool, drawing on Asian themes. lewis-aquatech-pool

    A small kidney shaped pool squeezes nicely into this Arizona backyard. The waterfall wall functions as a retaining wall and water feature, and also as a planter area. small-freeform-pool

    This Las Vegas home has possibly the smallest grotto pool ever built! Artificial boulders are used to create a natural looking (and sounding) waterfall and grotto seating area, pushed into the corner of the lot, taking up less than 500 sq ft. small-grotto-pool

    All tile Kidney shaped pool has a 'zero edge', which constantly overflows around the edge of this small kidney pool, into the stone covered catch basin. With the water lowered a few inches, the round seating area can heat up to spa temperatures. all-tile-pool-with-overflow

    Here's another kidney bean pool in vinyl. Larger than many other pools on this page, but still fits into this small backyard with ease. Add-in a rock waterfall, dive stone, landscaping and colorful furniture - and this little pool is larger than life! small-kidney-pool

    Shoreline model of Blue Hawaiian fiberglass pools, wrapped in real tile, and a stampcrete pool deck. With deck, planters and fence, it only takes up about 500 sq ft of space. small-kidney-pool-2

    Kidney bean pool in vinyl with a decorative retaining wall with water spouts. Retaining walls are used for upslope or downslope yards, often necessary for small sloped backyards, but they can be decorative and fun! small-kidney-pool-3


    A small round pool has a certain elegance, and are easy to construct with a vinyl pool kit. Here's a beautiful round inground pool, with walk-in steps. Finished with a beautiful stone deck and artwork of stone and brass makes this pool really pop! small-round-pool-1

    Round inground pools aren't just aboveground pools sunk into the ground, but are inground pool kits that can withstand buried installation. This pool has a thick stone retaining wall on the far side to buttress the pool against a steep sloping hillside. small-round-pool-3

    Round pool with a minimum of deck keeps this backyard green. The ground was graded and a small retaining wall used, to raise the backside and keep rainwater moving around the pool to the storm drain. small-round-pool-4

    Octagon shaped pool with a 6 ft deep end is a vinyl liner pool. At 21' across, this one is not especially small, but this shape can also be built in an 15' diameter vinyl pool kit and 6' walk in steps. small-octagonal-pool

    Round vinyl pool overlooks the lake, and saves big on decking materials! A submerged pool type like this is easy to install fully or partially submerged. Add a wood or paver deck around 1/2 the pool, and you're done! COOL-ROUND-POOL

    And finally, just a funny pic of 25 people in a small backyard pool. There's still room for more! ;-) SMALL-POOL-TOO-MANY-PEOPLE

    Small backyard pools are a great way to enjoy your own inground pool, with less expense and maintenance.

    At SPP, we have inground pool kits as small as 8' across - for a plunge pool, reflecting pool, therapy pool, workout pool, sports pool, party pool, cocktail pool, or 'spool' - whatever you call it, you can build your own inground pool, and we can show you how!

    Sheryl Somers
    SPP Pool Expert

    Blog Author
    Sheryl Somers
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