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    Pool Workouts: New Equipment to Help Train

    January 12, 2018
    Matt Spencer

    using Delta Bells

    Two weeks into the New Year, hopefully your resolution to exercise more is still rock solid. If you find yourself struggling some to get your workouts in, we have some ideas that might help get you back on track and keep you there.

    It is well that known that working out in a pool reduces the strain on your muscles and joints while delivering the same health benefits of exercise in the gym. While swimming laps is a great pool exercise in itself, there are products available for muscle-building resistance training.

    aquajogger imageFor instance, the Aqua Jogger water fitness belt and kit is a great product for low impact resistance training that also boosts cardio exercise for all ages and fitness levels. The included buoyancy belt helps suspend you in the water allowing full movement of your arms and legs for a more effective workout with less joint impact.

    The triangular design of DeltaBells offers adjustable resistance in the water for upper body strength training as well as added flotation support. AquaRunners are resistance footwear that increases drag for better muscle toning and cardiovascular conditioning while walking or running in place without the bone-jarring effects of dry land.

    Besides water exercise equipment like the Aqua Jogger, there are some other ways to make your pool workout more effective. Mainly considered a pool toy, using a super swim noodle for flotation is a great way to focus on the water workout. The versatile pool noodle can be used in a dozen great ways to build core muscle strength and tone. But the main piece of water exercise equipment is still - your pool.

    foam pool saddleMany swimmers use a kickboard for swim training to build leg strength and aerobic conditioning, but most any type of float could work in the same manner.

    And again, there is nothing that says you must have exercise equipment to get a good cardio workout in the pool with little to no impact on your joints. Simply swimming laps, down and back, is great exercise no matter what shape you are in. Just remember to start slow, and set new performance goals each time you swim.

    kickboardingKeep pool safety in mind too while exercising, and help personal motivation by roping-in a regular swim buddy, or have someone watching poolside as you get some pool exercise. And if you find it boring to workout in your own pool, go down to the local YMCA or Rec Center pool and sign up for a class!

    Swimming pools provide the perfect exercise environment, with natural resistance, buoyancy, and protection from falls. Water exercise of any type benefits so many parts of the body - lowers blood pressure, improves balance, flexibility, muscle tone and respiration.

    Your pool is a Total Gym!

    Matt Spencer
    SPP Pool Expert

    Blog Author
    Matt Spencer
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