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    Winter Kits - Why You Should Use a Pool Winterizing Kit

    September 24, 2012

    why you should use a winter pool kit

    Many of our customers are adept, hands-on types that do much of their own work on their pool. A good portion of you reading this will close the pool yourself this year, which can be a bit of a process. At SPP, we love to talk to our customers and assist with any pool care questions that come up. Below, I have listed the "Top 5 Questions" we have heard in our call center on the topic of swimming pool winterization kits.

    Question #1: Why Use a Pool Winterizing Kit?

    Winter kits take some of the guesswork out of the pool closing process, especially in regards to chemicals. A winterizing chemical kit will help ensure a clean and balanced pool in the dormant months to follow. Winter kits are designed to save you money, time and effort in the pool closing process.

    Question #2: Can't I Just Buy the Same Stuff?

    You can always buy your pool chemicals "a la carte." But by the time you assemble all of the right items and in the correct amounts for your pool, you will end up spending more money than if you had just bought a winterizing kit in the first place. A winter chemical kit saves you money.

    Plus, when you use some of this and some of that, chemical conflicts can occur. Different brands or groups of chemicals can react with one another and reduce each other's effectiveness. A winter pool kit is designed so that the different components don't conflict, and all of the chemicals will complement one another when used as directed. Some really smart chemists have combined winter kit chemicals that either ignore each other or assist each other, with synergistic effects.

    Question #3: What's in Your Winter Kit?

    Chlorine-Free Pool Shock: Special winter formula is ideal for off-season protection because it won't bleach your liner, etch your plaster or reduce the effectiveness of algaecide or any other winter pool chemicals.

    Slow-Release Chemical Floater: This floating pool winterizer slowly releases a non-chlorine sanitizer and has the added benefit of removing carbon dioxide (one of algae's main food sources) from your pool water. It won't bleach liners or pool steps.

    Winter Algaecide: A powerful, long-lasting polymer designed to complement our winter pool shock and winter floater to eliminate algae growth while your pool is closed and covered.

    Winter Stain-Away: This preventative chemical works hard to prevent stain-causing minerals and metals from depositing on pool surfaces, and it's also very effective at preventing waterline build-up or "bathtub ring."

    Winter Sorb: This small disc floats in the pool and absorbs nearly 40 times its weight in oils and contaminants. It reduces chemical demand and allows your winter chemicals to work more effectively.

    Question #4: What If I Don't Use a Winterizing Kit?

    Pools that aren't closed with a proper blend of chemicals can look like a green swamp when the cover is removed. A pool in this condition is going to require expensive and time consuming treatment or even a replacement of the pool water. Pool winterizing kits contain chemicals that will sanitize the pool and help prevent staining and algae blooms. With these issues out of the way, the opening process is much less expensive.

    Question #5: What Do You Have to Make My Pool Closing Easy?

    A winter chemical kit saves time and effort in the pool closing process. Since our winterizing kits expand in size every 7500 gallons, most users are adding a little extra chemical protection to the pool. And also because of the sizes, you never have to guess on dosage with our kits. Just add the entire contents of the winter kit, prepare the floater, place it in the pool, and you're done!

    Winterize your pool water properly with a winterizing chemical kit. You'll save time, money and effort on your pool closing - and on your pool opening! If you still need more convincing, just read the 5-star reviews on our winter kits. Lots of happy customers out there!

    Have different questions about pool winterizing kits? We'd love to hear it! Call us at 1-800-983-POOL.

    Joe Silverstein
    SPP Pool Expert

    Blog Author