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    Pool Deck Renovation Ideas

    September 12, 2017

    cool pool decksHaving a swimming pool in the backyard is great, but if you stop and think about it, you probably spend more time – a lot more time – on your pool deck around your pool than in the pool itself. While the pool gets all the attention, maybe it’s time to show your pool deck and patio area some love with a renovation? There are many different options on how you can spruce up your pool deck, from simple to “you sure about this?” which we will now explore.

    deck paintThe most simple and cost-effective way to give your pool deck a new appearance is by painting it. There are quite a few patio and deck paints on the market now that make painting your concrete or wood pool deck rather simple and inexpensive. The SPP patio and deck paint works on both wood and concrete, so it will work around just about any pool and rejuvenate your deck’s look while protecting it from future wear. The paint comes many different colors, and it has a non-skid ingredient to help with footing when the pool deck or patio is wet.

    cool deck coatingThe Cool! Surface Cooling Pool Deck Coating is a popular item with pool owners with Kool Decking, as it reduces heat build-up on concrete surfaces by up to 38%. No more doing the “hot coals dance” between the house and the pool on summer afternoons with this stuff.

    stampcrete deckIf your inground pool deck or your patio is a little too far gone and needs a bit more than a refreshing top coat, busting up and removing your old deck and pouring a new concrete one is the traditional way to go. That doesn’t mean you’re stuck with a plain, cement-colored pool deck. New technology like Stampcrete (which is an actual brand), also known as concrete stamping or decorative concrete, is a great way to give your new pool deck some character and pattern, and many concrete stamping companies can dye the concrete to the color you like for a completely custom look and feel that costs much less than tile, stone or brick.

    flagstone pool deck tennessee orchardA stone pool deck is pretty cool, and there are a lot of positives going for this type of pool deck. However, one thing going against stone decking around your pool is the cost. The stone itself could be pricey depending on what you choose, and the installation costs could be pretty steep especially if there’s a lot of cutting needed. If you want stone and can go this route, a stone pool deck offers the most natural looking pool deck, and it will weather the best through years of being in the hot summer sun and freezing cold winters. Stone decks are usually naturally slip-resistant as well.

    concrete deck sealerStone and concrete decks can also be rejuvenated using our easy Clear Semi-Gloss Concrete and Stone sealer. Evens out tones and adds a nice sheen to the deck, while it sheds water, deposits and stains.

    pool deck paversPool Pavers is your next pool deck renovation choice. The sizes, shapes, materials and colors of pavers is nearly endless these days, and pavers make it pretty easy to design a custom pattern that works with your outdoor area and your pool. You can get pavers that look like stone, travertine, brick or plain concrete, depending on your preference, and like stone, pavers offer great wear protection and most come with some type of surface that is quite slip resistant. You can get pavers that look somewhere in between pavers and stone comes the tiled pool deck.

    tile pool decksTile Decks are pretty interesting for many different reasons, and one of the big reasons pool owners go this route is the ease of installing the tiles over the old cement pool deck. Many tiles for outdoors make an easy overlay on concrete or wood, and if you don’t have a tile saw they’re affordable to rent at any home improvement store. Like pavers, tile can replicate the looks of many different materials from marble, stone, brick to wood. If you go with tile, just be sure to get unglazed tile for safety’s sake. Glazed tile will be rather slippery when it gets wet while unglazed tile will have better friction for walking around the pool.

    wood pool decks Wood Pool Decks are unique looking and rather rare for inground pools, but the material of choice for above ground pools. If you have an above ground pool in the backyard and you’re tired of your deck wood fading or cracking, it might be time to look into composite wood. Composite wood looks like real wood, but it’s made of vinyl and plastic materials that will never fade, rot or wear down. It’s kind of like the best of both worlds when it comes to a wood pool deck, but the composite is more expensive than traditional wood. However, with composite wood decking, there’s absolutely no maintenance to it.

    vWood Decking does need some maintenance. Stain and seal the wood with a premium wood deck stain to retain the color you want for longer. In fact, most wood decks you should be sealed to protect from fading and deterioration – even with more water-resistant woods like cedar. You will want to ensure there are no screws (don’t use nails) sticking up and all the surfaces are well sanded to prevent slivers in bare feet. Yes, wood decks take more effort to maintain, but what a great look it provides to your back yard.

    Maybe your pool deck renovation can wait another year, but there’s a few spots you want to fix up to make sure it doesn’t deteriorate more and faster. There are all kinds of surface repair and preparation products available to get your pool deck, patio and outdoor space looking better and cared for.

    Blog Author
    Matt Spencer
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