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    Major Inground Vinyl Pool Repairs

    April 20, 2016
    Sheryl Somers

    pool renovation ideas - new pool deck

    There comes a time in every pool's lifespan where a renovation becomes necessary. The vinyl liner will deteriorate every 15 years or so, but other problems with the coping, steps, walls or floors may develop over longer stretches of time. Every 30 years or so, every inground pool, no matter what type, will be a candidate for some type of renovation, to the shell, the plumbing or at least the equipment.

    Today we look at a list of items that you may consider as your pool ages, and a link to another blog post with more information on the topic.

    Pool Floor Replacement:

    sport-pool-floor-planDuring a vinyl liner change, the pool floor can be patched and repaired if need be. Divots, cracks and low spots filled in, or areas spoiled with algae replaced. For those with severe floor damage, they may decide to replace the entire floor, or remove sand and replace with a vermiculite base or a concrete bottom. You can lay a new floor over the old floor in most cases, but not for diving pools which need every inch for safe diving. In this case, removal of spalling or cracked areas, and replacement is the best course of action. Or perhaps you want to redesign the floor shape to a sport pool, which has two shallow ends, or have a shallow tanning shelf and walk-in steps, it's doable!

    Pool Wall Replacement:

    new-wall-replacementIt's rare to have to replace walls, but if your pool from 1967 was built with wood walls, or your galvanized steel walls from 1973 are bulging or rusting through, there are some pool wall repairs in order. Wooden wall replacement can be done for a single panel, but for an entire pool, it's best to rip everything out. Steel walls that are bowed, crumpled can have individual panels replaced; no small feat, I might add. Walls with severe rust can be patched with sheet metal and then foamed over with wall foam. Most pools built in the modern day have walls that will last 50 years, if not longer, in most cases.

    Pool Coping Replacement:

    snap-strip-copingA lot of people ask about replacing vinyl pool coping, which may be rusted, scratched, dented or cracked. For the type of vinyl pool coping that the pool deck is poured into, you'll have to replace the pool deck to replace the pool coping. But once that is done, you can install a new liner track in a flat style that will allow for brick or paver coping. Snap Strip coping shown here, can be purchased by special order for pool renovation, or can be replaced with a flat track style that will allow brick or paver coping.

    Pool Step Replacement:

    inpool-stepsAfter 25 or 30 years of service, most pool steps are still in great shape. Some may have developed small cracks or an aged yellowing. Replacing a step section with new, or replacing with internal steps, inside the pool, is a popular option. Many vinyl pool renovations are now adding a tanning bench, or internal step and bench sections, or a swim out aka love seat, in the deep end areas. Adding new step sections, spas or tanning benches will definitely qualify as a nice renovation project!

    Pool Plumbing Replacement:

    new-pool-equipmentPool skimmers and main drains do not commonly need replacement, but if a skimmer has been leaking for years, and rusted the wall beneath, a panel (and skimmer) replacement may be in order. Adding a second skimmer is a worthy upgrade that helps keep your pool much cleaner. Main Drains are rarely defective, even after many years, but if yours has become worrisome, or you want to upgrade to a safer dual main drain system, it's doable! PVC pipes can last over 50 years underground, but some pool kits built with black poly pipe, or with Flexible PVC pipe, may need plumbing repairs sooner.

    Pool Deck Replacement:

    cool-pool-deck--22One of the most popular pool enhancements is to replace the pool deck. There are a number of pool deck options to consider, and a new pool deck allows for changes, like built-in planters, deck level changes, or specific areas for seating, both sunny and shady. Besides broom finished concrete, you can have many custom finishes and colors. Paver and tile options are never ending, and custom stone or wood decks can also be used to create an outdoor space with many textures, levels and materials.

    Other Pool Renovations:

    The list goes on and on:

    • 360 degree slides
    • Fire Pits with Seating
    • Custom BBQ or Outdoor Kitchen
    • Pool Cabana or Pavilion
    • Water features and lighting

    Sheryl Somers
    SPP Pool Expert

    Blog Author
    Sheryl Somers