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    BIG Pool Slides are Here - Go For It!

    December 20, 2017
    Sheryl Somers

    giant pool slides

    Want to make your pool the coolest pool on the block? Big pool slides with long twisting runways and 360 degree spins are more common now at water parks, rec centers and even at local community pools.

    Now available for backyard pools - you too can add a large pool slide, turning hillsides into custom slides with Inter-Fab's BYOS, or adding the largest pool slides like the SR Smith Vortex commercial slide!

    Giant slides have become our most popular add-on feature in recent years. Today's post provides details on the largest pool slides sold today, to see if one might be right for your pool.

    Inter-Fab BYOS (Build Your Own Slide) System

    byos giant pool slides

    BYOS slides are sold and installed by pool builders or landscape designers, so you won't find them online. Modular slide pieces built into a small hillside, or upper deck level. Designed and installed to meld with the landscape for greater visual appeal, BYOS sections can connect to almost any length, curve and height you can dream up.

    • 10 Available Sections for Endless Configurations
    • 24" wide Runways (BYOS2) of any length
    • Weight Limit 350 lbs (BYOS2)

    SR Smith Vortex Commercial Pool Slide

    Vortex Commercial Pool Slides

    If you really want to have the coolest slide in town, the SR Smith Vortex slide is it. Commercial quality platform ladder and extra wide slide sections put this 360° slide the clear leader at the head of the class.

    • 10'7" Tall at top of rail
    • 9'6" x 11'6" Footprint
    • 32" wide x 19' long Runway
    • Weight Limit 325 lbs

    Inter-Fab G-Force 2 Slide

    G-Force giant pool slides

    The G-Force 2 pool slide is a commanding presence, with large diameter legs and 'elephant' feet for solidly anchoring to concrete. G-Force 2 modular design contains only ten components, for simplified installation.

    • 7'4" Tall at top of rail
    • 8'6" x 7' Footprint
    • 22.5" x 13'5" Runway
    • Weight Limit 250 lbs

    SR Smith Helix 2 Slide

    Helix 2 Large Pool Slides

    The Helix 2 Pool Slide features an enclosed ladder and molded handrail, and integrated low profile footpad, and contains only 5 sections to assemble. Bold, exciting ride with waterpark thrills, available in Tan or Grey.

    • 7'4" Tall at top of rail
    • 9' x 7'6" Footprint
    • 22" x 12'8" Runway
    • Weight Limit 250 lbs

    SR Smith Turbo Twister Slide

    turbo twister pool slide is huge

    The Turbo Twister Pool Slide is not for those with a fear of heights, at 8'7" tall, it towers over the water below. Available in a right or left turn, a fast, sweeping turn! Simple 6-Pc modular construction, in Tan or Grey.

    • 8'7" Tall at top of rail
    • 13'6" x 7' Footprint
    • 23" x 14'4" Runway
    • Weight Limit 275 lbs

    Inter-Fab Adrenaline Pool Slide

    adrenaline giant inground pool slide

    The Adrenaline Pool Slide is another slide over 8 ft tall, with a fast two turn runway and pre-launch splash zone at the bottom. Available in a right or left turn, and in Summit Grey color.

    • 8'5" Tall at top of rail
    • 14'11" x 8' Footprint
    • 25" x 16'8" Runway
    • Weight Limit 275 lbs

    What's Needed to Install a Giant Pool Slide?

    First of all, you need enough concrete to fit the Footprint measurements listed above, plus additional walkways around and to the slide. In many cases, an additional concrete pad is needed to support large pool slides.

    You also need enough water depth and distance in front of the slide. Code requires a depth of 54" at a distance of 54" from slide exit, and continuing at that depth for 9' more. This is called the 'Safety Envelope' for slides.

    Another thing you need for a big slide is a water line run from the pool return line, to deliver 20-30 GPM, depending on model. Use either a 1" PVC pipe underground, or a HD flexible hose, run around the outside of the deck.

    The last thing you need is 1-2 good helpers and a day to install the deck anchors, assemble the slide and bolt everything together. A permit is not needed in most cases to install a pool slide, even these jumbo slides!

    Now you'll need a slide tester! Open the valve to turn on the water and enjoy your new giant pool slide - it's sure to be the envy of every neighborhood kid, maybe even the talk of the town!

    Give us a call or comment if we can answer any questions or help you decide on which of these Giant Pool Slides is right for your pool!

    Sheryl Somers
    SPP Pool Expert

    Blog Author
    Sheryl Somers
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