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    Keeping Bugs Out of Swimming Pools

    June 20, 2019
    Matt Spencer

    critters in pool skimmer

    BUGS IN THE POOL! :-/ no one wants insects in the pool, and the only creepy crawly things should be a Kreepy Krauly pool cleaner (America's Favorite)!

    And with that shameless plug out of the way, seriously though - how do you deal with large quantities of beetles, mayflies, nats, moths, dragon flies and other unidentified flying (or crawling) insects?

    How to Keep Bugs Out of the Pool Area

    bugs and bichosWhy do bugs end up in the pool anyway? Many are lured to water by instinct, for replenishing moisture, or for laying of eggs, and perhaps some bugs enjoy the pool lifestyle for relaxation and recreation.

    1. Today's Modern Bug Traps

    dynatrapBug traps have come a long way since the fly strip that used to hang-up in your great grandparents kitchen. Bug traps have also gone past the bug zappers that fry the bugs. Quiet, efficient vacuum traps lure them in with lighting and CO2, and a vacuum sucks them into infinity.

    2. SolaMist Mosquito and Insect Misting System

    solamistBug traps are great for flying pests, but what about land-based insects like ants, centipedes, spiders and such? One company makes a solar-powered bug spray system with 90 ft of hose and 20 nozzles, attached to a 12-gal tank of bug spray. Fully solar powered and wifi enabled so you can control spray times and check system status.

    3. Transonic Pro All-Pest Repeller

    dynatrapBird-X Transonic Pro Ultrasonic All-Pest Repeller uses sound waves to deter unwanted pests. Custom frequencies are easily set to repel birds and waterfowl, or for bats, mice or chipmunks. Other frequencies are used to chase away smaller insects like stink bugs, ants or beetles. Pets don't mind, covers 3500 square feet.

    A high chlorine level and well maintained pool water chemistry can also help deter bugs and birds from visiting your pool, or may shorten their visit.

    How to Remove Bugs from a Pool

    bugs and bichosNow for many of you, it may be too late to keep the bugs out of my pool, and now the issue is how to remove the bugs from the pool. For short term buggy problems, place a trash can next to the skimmer, and just keep emptying!

    1. A Good Skim Net

    A drag-bag style of pool leaf rake is best, and makes quick work of removing bugs from the surface. If that sounds like too much work, put the Jet Net into the pool and you can skim the bugs via a remote handheld controller.

    Critter Skimmer2. Critter Skimmer

    A skimmer lid with a built in ramp for bugs and frogs to climb their way out of the 'swirling vortex of death', which is how I imagine bugs refer to your pool skimmer. Replace your current skimmer lid with a Critter Skimmer Lid and you won't have to empty baskets full of bugs! Many sizes and colors available to fit most inground pool skimmers.

    3. Frog Log

    Frog LogFrog Log is a rescue platform for frogs, mice, insects and bugs of all type. Fill the weighted bag with sand or gravel to hold it in place, and the platform floats on the pool surface, and gives very small creatures a ramp to exit the pool safely. Durable product and humane method for dealing with bugs in the pool.

    4. Skimmer Angel

    Skimmer Angel in ActionFor pools that have lots of bugs, frogs, spiders, snakes or other creepy critters in the skimmer basket, the Skimmer Angel is a sturdy handle that attaches to your existing skimmer basket, so that you do not have to reach down into the dark, swirling waters...

    5. Solar Covers

    Covering your pool may sound like a last resort, but if you can manage a floating solar cover on the pool, it's a great way to deal with bugs around the pool, they can land on the cover, take a quick swim or get a quick drink and then return to their other business in the backyard.

    Good Luck with your buggy issues this summer - if you have other methods of keeping bugs out of the pool area or getting bugs out of the pool more easily - let us know by comment!


    Blog Author
    Matt Spencer
    SPP Pool Expert
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