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    Inground Pool Kit Reviews - From REAL People

    January 30, 2019


    The question is "Can I build an inground pool kit?". SPP was the first company to sell inground pool kits online, in the mid-90s - and I have heard this questions hundreds of times. The answer is Yes you Can!

    Here at SPP, we have pool consultants that have been in the pool business for 20+years to help you through the complete install, every step of the way. If you have the time and a few people to help it can be done. Thousands of people that have never built a pool before have done it.

    Yes You Can! We sell over 500 inground pool kits per year and 95% of the people do it themselves. For this blog post, I reached out to a number of past SPP inground pool kit clients, and asked for a blurb about their experiences working with SPP, and building their own pool.

    They all wondered the same thing - if they could do it, and they did. I also built my own pool and I'm proud of it. The sense of accomplishment and pride is overwhelming, and I'm sure you'll find a use for all of the money you'll save by doing it yourself.

    L. Brown - Va

    "I had my concerns about doing it myself but we did it! I worked on the pool for an extended period of time. The only help I had was my wife and myself. We worked in the rain, heat, and dampness of the night. With only 2 of us it took longer than usual. The many install questions we had were answered by you good folks that helped us along every step of the way right to the end. The quality of the pool kit and completeness of it was top notch. We saved a ton of money by doing it ourselves. Bob helped us in getting our pool purchased and complete support during the installation phase. His professionalism and interpersonal skills were outstanding. I am submitting these photos, I hope you like them."


    K. Cheuvront - IL

    "I didn't doubt that I could do it, but finding the time would be the question. Well I did do it and found the time and help to do it. With the help from the folks at SPP, all my questions were answered. I found the kit to be complete with the materials to do the job. I was provided the dig specs and the installation manual ahead of time. I was given direction from start to finish to complete the job. I am forwarding the pictures of the completed project and enjoying the pool! The deck guys did an excellent job with the faux stone finish."


    R. Kowalski - NJ

    Here is another homeowner that built his inground pool kit, and sent me the following quote "A lot easier than I thought. I brought in a contractor to do the vermiculite bottom and install the liner as well. The rest of the project I did with my crew. It was a fun experience (except for all the hard work, lol). Construction knowledge and the right tools definitely made it a lot easier. I am submitting the following pictures. We still have to get the deck in place, but are letting the ground settle a bit more, but as you can see, we are already using the pool. Thanks for all your help!"


    D. Nelson - Pa

    This pool was DIY built as a large lagoon, and David and I had many discussions prior to the project starting and all the way through to the finish. David did all the overseeing and hiring of helpers to complete the project. He told me, "the project was very time consuming but I'm glad I did it myself. I was very pleased with the support I received and the quality of the product. I was able to add additional features to the pool with the money I saved, including the slide, larger patio and landscaping around the pool. It was a lot of labor work but the end result was worth it."


    J. Bubash - Pa

    "Wow the pool is done! Due to the weather it took longer than usual but its finally completed. You definitely have to set aside the time to work on it and 3 people that can help you in the install process. The kit gave me everything I needed to get it up and assembled and all my questions were answered. All I have left to do is the landscaping, which will be done mostly this year, and some next spring. Attached is a picture of opening day, with a solar cover to add some heat, hopefully!"


    J. Brewer - Mo

    "The pool project was a lot of work and manual labor but its done. Thank you so much for all your help with our new pool. We love the way it turned out. You have been so helpful and informative. I really appreciate all of the help and for your quick response to all my questions. It really was fast and simple to install this pool (with the exception of all the rain) - we started filling after only 9 days. The family loves it, and we have been in the pool now for over a month! Thanks again."


    M. Genova - Pa

    "Thanks for the support in helping us install our inground pool. We are very satisfied with your pool products and expertise. We just finished the whole project last week, the pool patio and fencing. It came out great! Thanks again, the Genova family."


    R. Edwards - Va

    Raquel said it was a big project to take on but the end result was self satisfying. "I really did not know what this whole project entailed but Bob and I worked through it. Even my helpers commented what a quality pool this is. Everything fit together perfectly. The 18x36 Bahama Rectangle is a nice size pool! When we get finished with the pool deck I will send you a picture of me in my pool. Thanks for all your help and support."


    D. Kelly - IL

    Debbie states; "I just wanted to say thanks for your help with our pool. It turned out great and we are enjoying it nearly everyday! We couldn't have done it without all your help and guidance. Here's a picture with the freshly poured concrete pool deck.  Thanks Again."


    T. Ellis - Tn

    Tracy, like most people in 2013 encountered a lot of bad weather which delayed the pool project. Tracy said, "it took longer than we anticipated due to the inclement weather but we're almost there. It wasn't as hard as we thought it would be. We were kind of nervous taking on a project like this because we had never built a pool or done a project of this magnitude. It definitely paid off in the long run. Glad we did it."


    As you can see from all these testimonials you can do it yourself and save yourself a lot of money in the process. These people that built their own pool had never done this before. And these reviews of inground pool kits are real, all I had to do was ask for them!

    None of these people work for a pool company and all of them come from a different profession and background. SPP pool kit customers enjoy unlimited free help and guidance - you can build your own inground pool.

    Once the pool is completed you will have such a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that will stay with you a lifetime. We sell over 500 pool kits per year, and 98% of the homeowners plan and execute the complete pool project themselves. With a little help from the Pool Experts here at SPP!

    Start browsing our inground pool kit designs, and when you're ready to build your own inground pool, give us a call to start planning with an SPP Pool Expert!  

    Bob Arnold
    SPP Pool Expert

    Blog Author