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    Inground Pool Design: Custom Inground Pool Shapes

    April 22, 2013


    Pictured above are actual pools that were homeowner built, using the SPP Pool Kit, and the help of the SPP Pool Experts. And here's a list of the top 7 questions asked about custom pool shapes or our custom shaped inground pool kits.

    Can I get a pool kit in any shape I want?

    We have done quite a few custom pool shapes for customers. There are certain limitations in radius that we have to abide by, but we carry a lot of different size and shape wall panels. If you have a particular design you are interested in, we would ask you to send us a drawing with the pool design you have in mind. We will then have our engineer look at the drawing. They will let us know if it can be done and make sure that it meets all the requirements and limitations that we need to abide by. If it can be done, they will do a drawing up for us giving the necessary information to build the pool.

    How about custom depths? Diving pool, or a Tanning shelf?


    Here again we have to meet certain requirements and regulations when building a pool. Most of these are important for keeping our customers safe while using the inground pools that they build.

    If you are wanting to build a diving pool, it depends on what type of board you want. Small jump boards require less depth and area, as compared to a 3/4 meter board, if you are training the next Greg Louganis!

    Diving board regulations are specific and strict. Here again, we just need to know exactly what pool design you are looking for, and our team will do the research and calculations to design a pool as close to your specifications while meeting local and national building codes.

    Shallow areas can certainly be built into any of our pool shapes. It does require some engineering, a revised spec sheet, and a custom pool liner. They also have to be built according to codes, just like deeper pools. A similar custom feature is to have steps internal to the pool, with an attached bench, or larger shallow shelf.

    Are there any limitations to shapes or depths?

    Sport PoolsThe shape of a pool or size of a pool will vary with different depths. If you have a diving pool you need to have a certain amount of space on the deep end.  Pools have to start out at 42” deep minimum, and then they can become deeper as you go to the deep end or they can be one overall depth. We also have a design known as a Sport Pool. These have two shallow ends and a deep section in the center. These pools have steps on each end of the pool.

    We always start with the shape pool you are looking for and then decide if we can go to the depth that you want. Depending on the depth we may have to go to a bigger pool or do something different.

    Is it possible to do an infinity edge with a vinyl pool kit?

    vanishing-edge-vinyl-liner-pool-2 it is very possible to do an infinity edge with a vinyl pool kit. I must warn you that it has some exacting construction on the wall and catch basin. There are also some complex calculations needed for the circulation system. Infinity pools will add considerably to the cost, but it depends on how long of an "edge" you want.

    On one side of the pool, either facing the house, but usually on the opposite side, a poured concrete wall and catch basin are built, again - to exacting laser leveled measurements.

    You can almost get the same effect with building a pool normally, and grading the yard away from, or sloping away from the pool, to enhance the view beyond, or blend the pool into the horizon. It also requires that the water level be maintained at a precise level, an auto-fill device should be installed during installation.

    Are custom shapes more difficult to build, or to maintain, or winterize?

    Building a custom shape pool is a little more difficult. How difficult really depends on the shape of the pool you are going to build. The pool construction process is identical between a modified rectangle and a freeform shape, only the shapes are different.

    Maintaining a custom shape pool is not much different than a rectangle pool. You still maintain the checustom-mesh-safety-covermicals and filter in the same manner, no matter what shape of pool.

    Winterizing the pool is the same process for custom pools, however if you have additional plumbing, to a spa or water feature, these lines will also need to be winterized. Safety covers, used to cover a snowbelt pool during winter, will be more expensive for curvy pools; 2-3x as much as a rectangle.

    Solar blankets can be cut to fit custom shapes, but they are more cumbersome to handle than a straight rectangle. Automatic covers can be fit on custom pool shapes, but the tracks run across the deck, and the cover reel box also sits above ground. Auto covers are a better fit on rectangular pools.

    Is there a common style for custom pool kit shapes?

    I do not feel that people are looking for a common theme. Everyone looks at their backyards and sees it in a certain way. If there are no kids in the house, and they have a lot of flower beds, they may look at something like the Oasis or Tahiti. Adult households tend to look for a more relaxing atmosphere.

    Price sometimes plays a big part in what shape of pool is picked. If there are kids in the house, a rectangle pool is the usual choice. I think this is because they want the largest amount of swim area for the kids. For safety, backyards can have a large area for the kids to play and a separate area for the pool. You could say that the pools people purchase reflect their current phase of their life.

    We do have several styles of freeform, or custom pool shapes that are available - here's a few of our vinyl freeform pool designs.


    How much more would a custom shape add to the cost of the pool?

    how-much-do-custom-pools-costIf I had to make a guess-timate, I would say that usually - a custom shape pool ends up costing about 50% more than a straight rectangle pool. A lot of the cost depends on the size and the type of equipment they want for the pool as well as any water features, or a spa being added. The Pool Kit packages that we have in custom free flowing shapes are roughly 30% higher in cost than the equivalent sized rectangle pool.  

    If you are considering building a shape other than one of our traditional vinyl pool styles or if you have any questions about building your own inground pool, call one of our SPP Pool Experts at 800-983-POOL.  

    Debbie Farnan
    SPP Pool Expert

    Blog Author
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