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    Wood Pool Decks or Resin Pool Deck Kits?

    February 23, 2012

    Above ground pool decks

    above ground pool deck kits

    There are a few different materials used for above ground swimming pool decks. Wood is very common for pool decks on above ground pools, but other manufactured or recycled materials exist as well. Our aboveground pool deck kits are made of high quality resin surfaces and powder coated steel supports.

    There are benefits to both types of decking. The resin does not need any staining or painting as a wood deck will occasionally. A resin deck will need cleaning occasionally but that's all. A resin deck comes in specific sizes and the wood deck can be customized to what ever size and shape you want.

    How much pool deck do you want?

    A common size for a pool deck is a 3 section fan deck that covers enough room for several people to use. On a round pool they would be considered a fan deck, it would follow the contour of your pool top rails - for as many rails as you want to cover.

    How will you use a pool deck around your pool? Plan out what you want to do on the deck. Will you be using it just to get in and out of the pool, or will you want to put lounges or a table and chair set? Large planters, speakers, maybe an outdoor firepit?

    Our above ground pool deck kits are prefab kits with everything you need to add steps to walk up to the deck and into the pool. We have deck kits in 5 ft x 5 ft square and a 5 ft x 10 ft. Another choice is the 5' x 13.5', 2 section pool deck kit. If you're looking for a low cost solution to getting in and out of the pool, and having enough deck space to sit or lay out on, look to our DIY pool deck kits.

    When installing your pool deck, be careful of:

    Don't install the deck in an area that is frequently wet, use tierra firma. Don't build the deck covering your top rails if you plan to use a winter cover over the pool wall. Do take your time with the instructions, and you will build it to last.

    Don't rest any part of the deck on the pool as it will weaken the pools integrity. Don't make the deck higher than the pool, you will have trouble finding a ladder tall enough. Do install the deck area on the side closest to the house, but Don't block the full view of the pool.

    If you have a wooden pool deck built, you have different options of getting from the deck to the pool. Deck to Pool ladders use deck flanges to secure the ladder to the deck. A much better option are resin walk-in steps, these are a gentler way to enter into the pool, especially for children and the elderly. Our resin pool deck kits include steps on both sides of the water, for easy, safe access. A ladder is a must for pool safety, and remember, No Diving!

    Whichever type of pool deck you choose, check with your local building department as there may be certain requirements involved where you live. Building a wooden deck will usually need to be permitted and inspected. You can usually find the information by searching your county/city .gov website for terms like "above ground swimming pool decks".

    One more thing to talk about, and that's safety. Many folks would like to build a surround-sound pool deck, and connect it to the back of the house porch. This can be dangerous if there's only 1 door between the house and the pool. Install an inside perimeter fence at the smallest point, with a self-closing and self-latching pool gate. Install a safe set of hinges and latches, like the ones made by Magna-Latch. This will help enure that it won't fall out of adjustment, or be able to be opened by a child.

    Larry Weinberg
    SPP Pool Expert

    Blog Author
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