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    Choice Poolside Accessories for a Fun-Filled Summer

    July 23, 2012

    Owning your own backyard swimming pool is one of life's greatest pleasures. From the most elaborate inground to a simple soft-sided aboveground pool, there's just something about a swimming pool that makes your house the place everybody wants to be! Now that the entire country's pools are up & running for the season, here are a few suggestions for in-pool & poolside accessories.

    Whether you prefer quiet tanning & relaxation, or action-packed fun & excitement, there's tons of fun accessories for pool time. The biggest feature or benefit is that they will make you want to spend even more time at your pool, enjoying yourself, which is kind of the point of owning a pool, isn't it?

    Pool Floats & Lounges

    Every pool needs an inflatable float or two, and today's contemporary pool floats are cooler than ever! There are unsinkable lounges that never need inflating, and deluxe models that cradle you in reclining comfort. For space-saving, I love the Unsinkable Folding Pool Lounge and the Scalloped Folding Pool Lounge.

    Some styles of modern pool floats elevate your entire body to keep you dry, while others give you buoyancy but let you enjoy more water. Sun tanning is maximized in our tanning pool floats that have reflective bottoms and sides. Double pool floats are popular, built for two loungers, with side by side or face-to-face seating.

    floats and lounges for swimming pools

    There are even pool lounge chairs that double as deck chairs for added function & value (check out the Maravilla Pool/Patio Lounge). The point is, there's much more out there than the inflatable rectangular mattress we had when we were kids. Modern pool lounges have many more features than simpler pool rafts, to really make the most out of your pool time.

    Inground Pool Slides

    Today's pool slides are better than ever, with maintenance-free construction, new safety features and maximum twists, turns, splashes & laughter.

    The Cyclone and Zoomerang slides are great, value-priced options for families with kids. Both require less water depth than most, so they can be positioned in more areas around the pool, with a smaller footprint than the larger pool slides.


    Older kids and adults will love the exhilarating G-Force & Turbo Twister, each with a water delivery system for a fast, smooth ride. You'll be pleasantly surprised how sturdy these slides are, and how easy they are to buy, set-up and maintain. The slides described here are not safe for use with aboveground pools; see manufacturer's installation manual listed on each pool slide product page, for requirements.

    Pool Fountains

    Pool fountains add ambiance to your swimming pool, and the sound of the water creates a soothing & relaxing atmosphere. There are fountains available for both inground & aboveground pools, and most are powered by the water in your return line, so they require no batteries or electricity.

    Inground pool fountains can be fixed in a central location with an included weight. A hose attaches the fountain to a wall return, with several wall attachment sizes included. Restricting other returns in the pool can drive more water to your the one that the pool fountain is connected. Aboveground pool fountains are fixed to the wall return, and spray out towards the pool. They install quickly, just remove any eyeball diverters and thread the one-piece pool fountain into the wall return.


    Most fountains shoot multiple tiers of water, cascading as high as 16 feet into the air (height depends on the flow rate of your filter pump). Some even include LED light effects, for night-time poolside get-togethers. Shop SPP's selection of pool fountains before your next party and transform your backyard into an elegant oasis.

    Pool Toys & Games

    There are far too many good Pool Toys & Games to mention here, and I included this category as a reminder for pool exercise and fitness. These products can make it easy & super-enjoyable. A fast-paced water sports game like pool volleyball or basketball for example, is a great way to burn off some calories and have fun with the kids, and there are models for every pool & budget.


    Diving pool games can help kids swimming skills and increase young swimmers confidence. And today's inflatable pool toys include amazing options like castles, serpents and see-saw rockers. So get out of that lounge chair, and get your game on!

    Pool Storage & Organizers

    How about a few good products to organize the pool stuff you already have? Here are a few ideas:

    • Free-standing Towel Rack or wall-mounted Towel Rack Genie keeps gear close at hand.
    • The Noodle Rack organizes those cumbersome Styrofoam Swim Noodles.
    • The Pelican Pool Caddy to organize your vacuum hoses, skimmer nets, etc.
    • Outdoor Storage Bins conceal those items that you need by the pool, but would prefer to store safely out of sight.

    Outdoor Pool Showers

    Rinsing off in an Outdoor Pool Shower before entering the pool is a great way to reduce demand on your pool chemicals because it cuts down on the amount of oils, lotions, and other contaminants introduced by swimmers. A poolside shower is also a great way to stay cool on a hot summer's day, or rinse off after gardening.


    These showers hook up to a garden hose so there's no complicated installation. An outdoor shower can remain on the pool deck all season long, so it's always there when you want it.

    Pool Patio Umbrellas

    Well-placed pool umbrellas or shade awnings can keep you cool & well-protected from the sun, while still letting you enjoy all the poolside action. And that's important, since the kids are going to want to be in the pool a lot! At our house, we can easily move our umbrellas to offer shade during BBQs & outdoor dinners, and to also give the kids some shade in the pool during the hottest hours of the day.

    Shop around for the size, style & model that's best for your backyard and lifestyle. Pool umbrellas have come down a lot in pricing in recent years, now you can afford to place shade in several areas.

    Now that you have had a look behind the curtain - I hope this sparks some ideas for you to add a fresh, new outlook to your pool, even if just in a small way. Swimming pools are like anything else, you've got to shake things up once in a while and make some changes to keep things interesting!

    Enjoy the Summer ~ Enjoy your Pool!

    Ann Rasmussen
    SPP Pool Enthusiast

    Blog Author