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    Pool Blog - Pool Equipment
    All about swimming pool equipment, pumps, filters, cleaners, heaters, salt systems. What makes them work, and how to repair pool equipment when they don't. Pool equipment selection, installation, care, repair and replacement.

    Convert from Gas Heat to Heat Pump

    Replacing an old gas pool heater with an electric pool heat pump. No emissions, No fuel, green heat. Step into the future with clean energy pool heating.Read Blog

    The Solar Pool Cover Handbook

    A solar pool cover helps save money on chemicals, water and heating expenses. They're inexpensive, and proper maintenance can provide several years of use.Read Blog

    BIG Pool Slides are Here - Go For It!

    Big pool slides are now bigger than ever! We have half dozen giant pool slides to choose from in heights from 7' to 10', to turn any backyard pool into an amazing waterpark. Huge slides at affordable prices from InterFab and SR Smith, that you can install yourself - DIY Style!Read Blog

    Kreepy Krauly Cleaner Reviews

    Kreepy Krauly pool cleaner reviews. Kreepy Krauly cleaners are extremely simple to install, operate and troubleshoot, and are durable too. If you are tired of the high cost of pressure and robotic pool cleaners, you might be amazed at how cost-effective a Kreepy Krauly can be!Read Blog

    Pool Lighting: Beyond the Pool

    How to add color and illuminate the night around the pool. Pool Lighting is not just about 'Pool' Lighting - you've got to think outside the box (pool)! Landscape and patio lighting ideas to make your pool pop!Read Blog

    Pool Equipment Beautification

    Pool equipment beautification - or how to hide your pool equipment and add storage for pool tools and supplies. Hiding your pool pump and filter from view and earshot.Read Blog

    Best Inground Pool Cleaners for Leaves

    Large leaves, acorns and twigs can clog up most suction side pool cleaners, and also most robotic pool cleaners. And nothing is more frustrating than having to constantly unclog your pool cleaner, what good is that? Here's a look at the 5 best inground pool cleaners for leaves, large leaves, acorns and twigs up to a foot long.Read Blog

    Best Aboveground Pool Cleaners

    4 aboveground pool cleaners. Why are they the best? These pool cleaners have consistently great sales and great reviews - so they must be good!Read Blog

    Improving Sand Pool Filtration

    How to Improve your sand pool filter performance with pool filter aids, or products to improve a sand filter's ability to trap small particles.Read Blog

    Troubleshooting Pool Equipment Problems

    Pool Equipment Troubleshooting - pump, filter, heater, cleaner etc. These are the pieces of equipment with the most trouble. This post is to teach how to approach troubleshooting pool equipment.Read Blog

    Inground Pool Equipment: 3 Types

    When it comes to pool equipment - there's 3 types. 3 types of filters, heaters, pumps, cleaners, etc. Not just good, better, best - but 3 distinct types...Read Blog

    Pool Plumbing Tips

    Tips on inground swimming pool plumbing, you can do it yourself when you build with our inground pool kitsRead Blog

    Can a Solar Pool Heater do the Job?

    I have been switching more pool owners over to solar pool heaters. Unless your property is covered in dense trees, it just makes sense to use the sun to heat your pool.Read Blog

    Swimming Pool Cleaners: Suction, Pressure or Robotic?

    When swimming pool cleaners? were first invented, and for many years after - there was one type available, sort of like the black Ford Model T automobile. Made by Jandy and Arneson, early stirrer-upper pool cleaners have come a long way...Read Blog

    Swimming Pool Feet of Head Calculations

    When building an inground pool, the best way to size the pool pump is to calculate the total resistance in your pool pipes and plumbing, measured in feet of head.Read Blog

    More Blog

    Pool Equipment blog posts cover all types of pool filtering, heating, cleaning and chlorinating equipment. How to select the correct equipment for your pool, and how to install pool equipment. Problems with pool equipment, with troubleshooting tips.