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    Pool Blog - Pool Opening
    Pool Opening topics include how to start-up your pump, filter, heater and cleaner, after removing the winter pool cover for summer storage. Common pool opening problems and spring water balance and help with cloudy pool water.

    Pool Floats to Take on Vacation

    What pool floats and rafts also make the best vacation pool floats? Millions of vacationing pool owners need to know the answer to this burning question! So, I've come up with a list of 8 perfectly portable pool floats for your travels this year.Read Blog

    Above Ground Pool Cover Check-Up for Easier Spring Opening

    This winter of 2017/2018 will go down on record as the most widespread pool damage. Normally temperate areas saw massive damage and even winterized pools in some regions suffered damage. Check on your pool now to be sure that your pool suffered no damage.Read Blog

    Dark Green Matter: When to Drain the Pool

    How to decide when faced with a dark green pool, should you drain the pool or try to bring it back with chemicals, cleaning and filtering? Here's the scoop on how to make the call - to drain or not to drain, that is today's question!Read Blog

    Pool Opening Checklist: 15 Pool Supplies to Have on Hand

    15 items that I can't live without when opening my own inground pool. Our pool opening supplies checklist includes cover tools, start-up chemicals, hand tools, replacement parts, cleaning tools, lubricants - and 9 kinds of other things.Read Blog

    5 Common Pool Opening Problems

    Look closely for these spring pool problems and you can start enjoying the pool sooner! Here's a list of 5 trouble spots you can hopefully avoid.Read Blog

    Spring Pool Chemistry Balance

    Getting your pool water balance back in shape is much faster if you do it in the right order! 5 steps to restore spring pool chemistry balance.Read Blog

    Customer Feature: Lloyd Brown's Pool Opening

    All in all, the pool opening went extremely smooth and once the water warms up, it will be time to enjoy another swimming season. All of our SPP pool kit customers enjoyRead Blog

    Spring Pool Opening Chemical Balance

    How to restore pool chemistry in your pool after opening for spring. Start with the first step and go down the list. I would recommend testing the pool water twice a week.Read Blog

    DIY Pool Openings: How to Open Your Own Pool

    A normal pool opening just takes a few hours and it can save you an average of $300. If $300 is not that much to you, like it is to me, then have it done professionally.Read Blog

    Reassembly & Startup of Inground Pool Equipment

    After removing your pool cover, you will want to remove the winter plugs from your return wall fittings or pool cleaner lines. Replace any directional eyeball fittings by screwing them into the wall fitting.Read Blog

    Inground Pool Openings: How to Open Your Pool for Less!

    Opening your inground pool can be a time consuming and costly project, especially if you've not done it before. Here's my best advice on how to open up your inground pool yourself, and save lots of money.Read Blog

    How To Open Your Above Ground Pool for Less

    Get that pool cover off, hook up your filter, get your chemical kit, balance your water and have a great swimming season this year. If you run into any difficulties, we are always hereRead Blog

    Pool Opening blog posts are in a sister category to the Pool Closing topics. Pool Opening includes how to properly remove, clean and fold a pool cover for storage, and what steps to open up the pool, or how to perform the spring start up on your own pool.