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    Pool Blog - Pool Maintenance
    All about swimming pool maintenance, from maintaining the pool water, to replacing pool lightbulbs, or patching a solar cover. How to maintain or care for your pool equipment, to get the best performance and longest life possible.

    Top 5 Pool Care Mistakes

    By avoiding these 5 common pool care mistakes, you'll prolong the lifespan of your pool, avoid expensive repairs or replacements, and help keep chemical expenses to a minimum.Read Blog

    How to Change the Sand in a Pool Filter

    If you own a sand pool filter, it's important to know how to replace the sand in it. Most manufacturers recommend doing this every 5-7 years.Read Blog

    Backwashing Best Practices

    Not just how to backwash a pool filter, but how to do so effectively and efficiently to obtain the most complete backwash possible. Plus, Pro Tips on using backwash hose, and you thought it was simple!Read Blog

    Major Inground Vinyl Pool Repairs

    There comes a time in every pool's lifespan where a renovation becomes necessary. The vinyl liner will deteriorate every 15 years or so, but otherRead Blog

    Swimming Pool Waterline Scum, Stain & Scale

    If you're like me, you'll do almost anything to remove waterline stains on a pool. I've had the chance to try many methods of removing pool stains...Read Blog

    Swimming Pool Stains on Steps

    Stains on vinyl pool steps are just... aggravating! Here's how to restore the brilliant white color to your in-pool steps or stairs, without harm to your vinyl liner.Read Blog

    Automatic Pool Cover Care & Maintenance

    Automatic pool covers are a popular safety feature for inground pools, and can cost $10-15K - it's a product that you want to protect and maintain.Read Blog

    Pool Skimmer Leak on a Vinyl Pool

    Leaking pool skimmers are one of the most common types of leaks in a vinyl liner pool, and also usually the easiest pool leak to find and fix. Skimmer leaksRead Blog

    Vinyl Pool Coping Replacement

    Well, it's a tough job first of all. To replace the coping you first have to get to it, which means removing whatever is on top of it. Brick, pavers or stone are easy, just remove the first row, and chip up any mortar bed.Read Blog

    Hayward Pool Filter Multiport Repairs

    When a Hayward multiport valve starts to age different problems can arise, some are just annoying and some are actually detrimental to the filter system working properly.Read Blog

    Swimming Pool Filter Rejuvenation

    it is altogether a very good and beneficial idea, every few pool seasons to rejuvenate your pool filter. Not only does this improve filtration, but is the best way to keep your pool water clean and clear without a lot of chemicals.Read Blog

    Year End Inground Pool Check-Up

    I'm home from work this week, a good time in the pool business to take some time off. Work for me doesn't end, just because I'm home - in fact, it seems like the Honey-Do list gets longer when I take off time from work.Read Blog

    What to Do with Snow on Your Pool Cover

    Bottom Line is - do not worry about the snow, just be ready to either pump water off the cover (solid covers) or lower the pool water level (safety covers), to prevent cover failureRead Blog

    Removing Leaves from a Pool the Easy Way

    When there are dozens of tall trees around, you have to work really hard to keep the pool leaf-free. There are better ways to manage fall leaves!Read Blog

    Adding a Pool Slide to your Inground Pool

    Swimming Pool Slides are great fun, and very safe when correctly installed and used. If your pool is an active pool - few accessories bring more smiles than fast pool slide.Read Blog

    More Blog

    Pool Maintenance is about how to protect your investment. How to keep your pool equipment and systems in top shape for optimal performance and long life. Pool cleaning tips and how to tune-up pool cleaners, make small filter repairs, and chase down pool leaks.