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    Pool Blog - Pool Closing
    All about pool winterization and how to close your pool for winter. Tips for inground and above ground pool winterizing that you can do yourself, plus ways to care for the pool during winter for both winterized and unwinterized pools.

    Pros & Cons: Leaving a Pool Open in Winter

    Leaving an inground pool open during winter is fairly common in the sunbelt, where the climate rarely dips below 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit. But it's possible to do this in cooler climates, as well - with or without the help of a pool heater.Read Blog

    Winter Pool Problems (and How to Avoid Them)

    Harsh winter weather conditions paired with a lack of regular care can severely damage a pool during the off-season months. Learn about common cold weather pool problems, including tips to help you prevent them.Read Blog

    10 Steps for Winterizing a Salt Water Pool

    New to winterizing salt water pools? Not to worry! To prevent algae growth, surface stains and expensive pool damage, we've broken it down into 10 easy steps.Read Blog

    National Pool Closing Day 2018

    With colder weather approaching, much of the country will be preparing to close their swimming pools for the season. What's the story behind National Pool Closing Day and why is winterizing a pool so important?Read Blog

    6 Best Pool Closing Tips

    Closing a pool for winter is an important aspect of pool ownership. We have gathered some of the best tips to keep your pool clean and damage-free after closing.Read Blog

    Above Ground Winter Pool Cover Check-Up

    December is here, and before any snow falls, now is a good time to go over your above ground pool winter cover for one final look to see if the cover is ready for the long winter season. Here are 5 important things to check on above ground pool covers.Read Blog

    Winter Pool Cover Maintenance

    Taking care of your winter pool cover can prevent a mid-winter pool cover failure, and also maintains your pool cover investment. Tips for pool cover maintenance.Read Blog

    Safety Cover Tips & Tricks

    It's getting close to pool closing time - 'snif! - and here's some tips on optimizing your safety cover performance, to improve fit, safety and lifespan of safety pool covers, and a few time saving tricks for managing a bulky safety cover.Read Blog

    Emergency Pool Winterization

    Emergency Pool Winterization - 6 steps to winterize any pool. If you need to do it fast - Read this! How to close the pool quickly, in just a few hours.Read Blog

    Winter Pool Cover Repairs

    Aggravated with the "hole" situation on your cover? A simple repair before the closing the pool can save you from many headaches later on.Read Blog

    5 Step Inground Pool Winterization

    It's the second step (removing the water from the pipes and the equipment), that's the most confusing for most people. It may help to visualize your poolRead Blog

    Inground Pool Winterization in 6 Steps

    Winterize your own pool! This year will be my 20th pool winterization. I've saved thousands of dollars, for under 50 hours of my time. Close your pool in 6 steps!Read Blog

    Safety Pool Cover Replacements

    Solid or mesh safety pool cover replacement with new doesn't have to be hard. 3 ways to have a duplicate safety cover to match up to your existing anchors.Read Blog

    Replacing a Pool Cover During Winter

    It's always better to replace a pool cover before you need to because when it goes - it's likely to go right in the middle of winter, dumping loads of cover sludge...Read Blog

    Most Popular Winter Pool Chemicals

    Most popular (sold) items for pool winterizing. What do you need to close the pool for winter? Pool closing supplies.Read Blog

    More Blog

    Pool Closing Tips and Tricks from the SPP Pool Experts. We've winterized thousands of pools, and we share with you our methods to help your winterize your own pool. Articles also cover winter pool covers and enclosures, what to do with snow, and how to maintain winter water balance and prevent stains.

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