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    Pool Blog - Pool Chemicals
    All about swimming pool chemicals, minerals and ozone systems, salt generators, water balance and water problems with stains, scale or scum, or issues with algae or cloudy pool water. How to use the over 100 different pool chemicals that are available.

    Pool Chlorine 101

    Pool chlorine is the most popular pool sanitation chemical because it's effective, convenient and affordable. Learn everything you need to know about this popular pool chemical.Read Blog

    8 Common Pool Water Testing Mistakes

    8 ways to mess up your pool chemical readings, if you want accurate pool chemical tests, avoid these pitfalls to proper pool water tests, for cleaner and clearer pool water, with less waste.Read Blog

    Pool Chemical Overdose

    Don't overdose the pool - pitfalls to avoid in pool chemical treatment. Overcompensating your pool chemical dosages can compound the problems creating extra chemical costs and tipping that delicate balance of working on your pool and simply enjoying owning a pool.Read Blog

    The Hidden Benefits of Automatic Pool Chlorinators

    Should you use a pool chlorinator? YES. You can't put tabs in the skimmer, and floaters can tip over or spill bits of tablet. Plus, there are other hidden benefits to using automatic chlorinators...Read Blog

    Tired of Baquacil? Switch to a Salt Chlorinator!

    Baquacil is a system of pool chemical care that uses Biguanides for sanitation, and Peroxide for shocking. It's known to be effective, and thousands of pool owners use it - however, salt systems are a more popular way to sanitize the pool, without buying chlorine products.Read Blog

    Pool Phosphates: How to Deal

    If you are having extreme water clarity or pool algae, and - your filtration is sufficient and water chemistry is very good - you may have a pool phosphate problem.Read Blog

    Pool Mineral Sanitation Comes of Age

    Now over 23 years old, Pool Mineral Sanitation can be said to have stood the test of time. it is estimated that over a million mineral purifiers are installedRead Blog

    Chlorine Recipes for Vinyl Pools

    I love recipes! And here's 3 "Chlorine Recipes" for your vinyl pool, or 3 ways to chlorinate a vinyl liner pool, 2 which are much gentler on vinyl pool liners.Read Blog

    How to Remove Chlorine from Water

    We normally talk about to increase your chlorine - but today we discuss how to remove chlorine from pools and spas, to fix a chlorine overdose or for other reasons.Read Blog

    Pool Chlorine vs. Pool Bromine

    It's been said a thousand times, "Chlorine is for pools, and Bromine is for spas". And that's primarily true, at least it's the conventional wisdom. However,Read Blog

    Shocking a Saltwater Pool

    Should you shock a saltwater pool? And if so - what is the best way to shock a salt pool - with granular, bleach or, using the salt cell?Read Blog

    5 Ways to Stop Winter Pool Stains

    During winter, when millions of swimming pools are either closed or in some state of dormancy - stains can more easily occur.Read Blog

    How to Get Rid of Black Algae

    There is some truth to the statement, however, like Herpes, Black Algae can be successfully and permanently removed, with some drastic measures. It can also be controlledRead Blog

    How to Get Rid of Mustard Algae

    It's baaack! Yellow algae has once again invaded pools all across the country. Yellow or mustard algae in a pool can lay dormant over the winter, just waitingRead Blog

    Aboveground Pools and Cloudy Water

    If you do not maintain the pool, it costs a lot more in chemicals to clear it up, and wastes a lot of time bringing it back to swimmable condition.Read Blog

    More Blog

    Pool Chemicals is a complicated category of information, that's why you'll find this comprehensive collection of articles about pool chemicals and pool water problems to be useful. From Algae to Stains, we discuss the role of different pool chemicals in treatments for pool water balance, sanitation and clarity.