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    Pool Blog - Other Pool Blog Posts
    All those topics that don't fit into other categories, like keeping pool pets safe, or deterring water fowl from your pool. Pool party tips and pool safety tips, equipment enclosures and new year's resolutions for pool owners!

    Pool Storm Prep - What To Do!?!

    Summer time is pool time! And it's also time of year to keep your eye to the sky and pay attention to weather forecasts, especially if you live anywhere along the Gulf and southern Atlantic coastlines, the Midwest, Great Plains and Southern Plains states.Read Blog

    When You Love to Swim But Have No Pool

    Frank Rizzo is back - with tips on what to do when you want to swim, but you don't own your own pool. Don't be a schmuck - make a deal! Great for anyone who wants to swim, and good to know these ploys, if you do have your own backyard pool.Read Blog

    Flooded Inground Pool: 10-Steps to Recovery

    Mudslides into pools, overflowing river banks, and widespread floods can wreak all sorts of havoc on an inground pool. Here's how to clean up - 10 steps to restore your pool, and your sanity!Read Blog

    Foam Pool Floats: Unsinkable Myth & Truth

    Frank Rizzo sets out to sink the unsinkable closed cell foam pool float. He learns the pool float isn't only unsinkable but really comfortable to float on, too.Read Blog

    Dogs & Pools: Frequently Asked Questions

    Are Pools Bad for Dogs? Are Dogs Bad for Pools? These questions and many more answered regarding your pet dog and your backyard pool.Read Blog

    My Vision of the (Near) Future Pool

    Connected homes, products and appliances are quickly becoming part of our every day lives. Why not enjoy the same tech advances for our pool products? Let's take a look at what a future pool could have and look like.Read Blog

    Renting Out Your Home With A Pool?

    Renting out your home, so popular in our new sharing economy with sites like VRBO and AirBnB - but what if you have a pool? Tips on renting your home, when you have a pool to worry about.Read Blog

    Pool Safety During Winter

    Winter pool safety is important - for both snowbelt and sunbelt pools. Quick read on how to keep pool safety top of mind, all year round.Read Blog

    Inground Pool Electrical Safety

    How to check over your inground pool for electrical safety hazards. Pool lights, grounding/bonding, and those Darwin award winners, for your pool safety.Read Blog

    Customer Feature: Your DIY Pool Project

    Grand Prize winner of a $50 SPP Gift Card will be selected by May 31, 2013 for the most informative, useful or unique pool construction story. Send us Your Pool Story Today!Read Blog

    How to Keep Ducks Out of the Pool

    How to keep ducks out of the pool and how to scare them away if you already have ducks or geese or other waterfowl using your pool. Remove ducks from the poolRead Blog

    Fun New Pool Inflatables

    We've got over 3 dozen new fun pool inflatables this year - here's my top picks for my new favorite pool floats. Enjoy!Read Blog

    Underwater Pool Hoverboards

    At Swimways, in Virginia Beach, Va, developers have announced the first underwater hoverboard! Capable of underwater speeds of up to 6 mph, the HydroHover has an onboard motor that is rechargeable. (Snopes claims this is false)Read Blog

    New Year's Resolutions for the Modern Pool Owner

    This year, make some resolutions of your own, to get more out of your pool, or to stop working so hard on pool maintenance. What can you around your poolRead Blog

    Pool Safety Cover, Safety Net or Safety Fencing?

    What's better for pool safety? A Cover, A Net or Fencing? All have their Pros and Cons, presented without bias. What's the best safety solution for you?Read Blog

    More Blog

    In the Other category of pool blog posts we cover ways to enjoy your pool more or have more fun in the pool, and also cover how to keep your pool safe for kids, pets and wild animals.

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