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    Pool Blog - Inground Pool Liners
    Inground pool liners, how to buy, maintain and replace the vinyl liner for your inground pool. How to measure for a replacement inground pool liner, or how to make your existing pool liner last longer.

    Wrinkles in Pool Liners Cause, Prevention, Removal

    Wrinkles in pool liners come from a variety of sources, the causes of pool liner wrinkles and how to prevent and remove vinyl liner wrinkles in pools.Read Blog

    Installing Vinyl Liners in Concrete Pools

    The topic of the day started out as a question; can you install a vinyl liner into a concrete pool? Yes, you can, and I've done it before, on a concrete pool from the 1950's.Read Blog

    Vinyl Liner Pool Stains

    Preventing pool liner stains requires vigilance! Watching the pool like a hawk for 'foreign objects', keeping it clean and keeping it balanced are the main ways to keep stains off of your pool liner, with special attention to how you add pool chemicals.Read Blog

    Pool Liner Manufacturers

    List of North American vinyl pool liner manufacturers as of 2019.Read Blog

    Inground Vinyl Pool Skimmer Installation / Replacement

    Skimmers have been known to live well into their 30's and 40's, but that being said, inevitably a second generation will be needed to continue the job.Read Blog

    Stain Identification in a Vinyl Liner Pool

    In the words of Jack Beane, owner of Jack's Magic products, "there are two types of pools, those that are stained, and those that are going to stain".Read Blog

    5 Steps to a New Swimming Pool Liner

    When you own a vinyl liner pool, eventually you will want to replace the pool liner, degraded by sun, chemicals or sharp pool toys. Here's How...Read Blog

    Replace Your Inground Pool Liner this Weekend

    We sell 1,500 inground pool liners each season. Most of these are installed by the homeowner and not by pool people. This is a very simple DIY project.Read Blog

    New Inground Vinyl Liner Styles are Here!

    homeowners have been installing liners since 1994. Each season we sell over 1800 inground replacement liners and 95% of the homeowners install it themselves.Read Blog

    DIY Inground Pool Liner Installation

    I told you that was going to be easy! You have completed your DIY pool liner installation for about a third of what you would have paid your local pool guy.Read Blog

    Vinyl Liner Maintenance - How to Make it Last 20 years

    Making a pool liner last twenty years is no easy trick, but it can be done. Taking care of it is the main thing - you also have to resist the urge to updateRead Blog

    Inground Pool Vinyl Liner Installation Tips

    you can take your first swim in your new inground pool. Enjoy the proud pleasure of installing your own inground pool, and be sure to brag about how you did itRead Blog

    9 Problems with Inground Vinyl Liner Pools

    Customers are always asking what type of swimming pool is better, a vinyl, concrete or fiberglass pool. They want to know how they differ in cost as well as maintenance.Read Blog

    5 Mistakes to Avoid with a New Inground Vinyl Liner

    How to protect a vinyl pool liner - Inspect your cleaning tools and pool cleaner for sharp edges. And enforce a strict rule of no golf cleats, hair dryers, glass or fireworks within 50 feet of a vinyl liner pool! Make your own rules about dogs in the pool...Read Blog

    Planning an Inground Vinyl Liner Replacement

    15 steps - not so bad. After the pool is pumped out, pool liners can be installed and started to refill in just a few hours. If you have any questions onRead Blog

    More Blog

    Inground pool liners are a bit more complicated to replace DIY, as compared to aboveground pools, but that doesn't stop thousands of homeowners doing successful DIY pool liner replacements. Also discussed is how to care for a vinyl liner, patch a liner, protect a liner - all topics related to inground vinyl pool liners.