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    Pool Blog - Inground Pool Kits
    Inground Pool Kits are kind of our thing at SPP, and also the primary focus of this here blog. In this category you will find posts covering every detail of DIY inground vinyl pool construction. You can build your own inground pool, and we can show you how!

    How to Build a Pool: What to do with a Sloped Backyard

    Our DIY inground pool kits go anywhere, even in your steep or sloped backyard, Let us sketch out some rough ideas, for building a pool on your hilly location.Read Blog

    Inground Pool Kit Reviews - From REAL People

    Pool kit reviews with completed pool pictures and SPP testimonials - Do it yourself with pride and save a lot of money too. These 10 people built their own pool, and none had ever done anything like this before...Read Blog

    Newest Trends in Pool Design

    Here are 5 new pool trends that 2018 swimming pool designers are employing in their pool designs. Not those old trends from last year - those are briefly mentioned, but five brand-new trends in pool construction.Read Blog

    5 Unique & Interesting Pool Features

    Frank Rizzo is back and dreaming of a Cool Pool with a quick list of his five favorite features for swimming pools. Modern pool technology has come a long way in the past 20 years and produced plenty of over-the-top pool features like these.Read Blog

    Small Inground Pool Cost

    You can build a small inground pool for under $10000, with our DIY vinyl pool kits. Read actual costs for inground pool construction, half-price when you DIYRead Blog

    Site Selection for your New Inground Swimming Pool

    Choosing your perfect site for your new inground pool kit is probably the most important decision of your new backyard inground pool project. Take into consideration sunshine, distance for utilities, sloping yards, setbacks and easements.Read Blog

    5 Hidden Surprises of Inground Pool Construction

    5 hidden surprises to avoid when building an inground pool. Hidden costs and unanticipated difficulties can slow down the job, and cost you money.Read Blog

    Inground Pool Kits with Tanning Ledges

    Can you put a Tanning Ledge on an inground vinyl pool? You sure can! Also known as a Baja Shelf or Sun Lounge, they replace the standard drop-in white plastic stepsRead Blog

    Popular Posts about Inground Pool Kits

    Dug thru post popularity stats, for this list - Top 12 SPP blog posts about building your own inground pool kit. You can do it, and we can show you how!Read Blog

    Pool Floor Contours: Dive, Sport, Flat

    Here's 3 different pool bottom contours for vinyl liner inground pools. Build a Lap Pool, a Sport Pool or a Diving Pool with our inground vinyl pool kitsRead Blog

    Build your Inground Pool Like it's 1982

    A Blast from the Past: Inground pool construction photos, circa 1982. Materials and Options are now updated, but building the pool? Hasn't changed in all these yearsRead Blog

    5 Reasons to Build your Inground Pool Now!

    Starting early in the year, like Now - is the best time to begin planning for an inground pool. Here's 5 reasons why you should Beat the Rush and start now!Read Blog

    Small Yard, Small Pool

    21 amazing small pools - Smaller pools can be contained and maintained more easily, in addition to being affordable and quick to construct.Read Blog

    Swim Spa or Inground Pool - Which is Better?

    Swim Spas are super cool; I can't deny their appeal. Spa and Pool in one nifty little package. Perfect for small spaces or indoor areas, swim spas are neat.Read Blog

    How I Built My Own Pool - Day 5: Backfill

    There is some plumbing to finish on the equipment pad, connecting the pump, filter and heater to the pipes we've stubbed up out of the ground. Our main task today though, is backfillingRead Blog

    More Blog

    Inground Pool Kit Blog Posts cover In Ground Pool construction, from site selection, grading and digging to wall and floor finishing, liner installation, plumbing and filling your new pool with water. Every detail of DIY inground vinyl pool construction, from soup to nuts.