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    Accessories for your New Inground Pool

    July 4, 2013


    For all of you new inground pool owners, here's some pool accessories that will make your maintenance for your swimming pool simple and also provide many hours of fun and enjoyment in your swimming pool. For instance, consider:

    inground-pool-accessories-clean-3The first product I would strongly recommend to sanitize your swimming pool would be a salt water chlorine generator. The way this operates is that you put approximately 20 lbs. of salt per 1000 gallons of water directly into the swimming pool. You then install the salt cell on the return side and as the salty water is pumped through the cell and it creates chlorine through a process called electrolysis.

    inground-salt-systemsThe benefits of using a salt water chlorine generator are that there is no odor like normal chlorine, no burning eyes or fading of bathing suits or drying hair. The water is very soft and much more enjoyable to swim in. I have a salt water chlorine generator on my own pool and I would never use chlorine tablets again. This is one of our most popular accessories with our inground pool kits and for existing pools.

    inground-pool-accessories-floatsAnother great product that everyone should have in their pool would be a pool float or Lounge. Sit back and relax - and really enjoy your new swimming pool. We have dozens of different floats and lounges to choose from. Our most popular lounge chair is the foam pool lounge chair, the Unsinkable Folding Chair Pool Lounge. aqua-roller

    Another pool float / toy which I have in my own backyard, so I know firsthand all of the enjoyment my kids have on the toy is our Aqua Roller Pool float. Kids of all ages can use this pool toy, pretending to be a hamster, to roll the inflatable. Works in the pool or in the yard.

    inground-pool-accessories-clean-4 When it comes to cleaning the swimming pool, nobody enjoys manually vacuuming their pool. Everyone should have an automatic pool cleaner so you can enjoy the pool and not worry about the cleanliness of the pool.

    There are 3 different styles of automatic pool cleaners available - suction side, pressure side and robotic pool cleaners. The suction side cleaners are typically the least expensive, but the other two types have certain advantages. We have a pool cleaner for every pool, give us a call and we can get you a good model that fits your pool and your budget.hayward-evac-robotic-cleaner

    I have a robotic pool cleaner in my own backyard in my opinion this is the easiest possible way to keep the pool clean. This cleaner is so simple that my 8 year old can operate it.

    inground-pool-accessories-heat-2No one likes a cold pool, and with a pool heater, the poolwill get a lot more use by happier swimmers. For heating a swimming pool, we offer Solar heating panels; Gas heaters and last but not least an Electric heat pump. The choice may depend on when you plan on heating the pool. For those of you that are only going to swim on weekends a gas heater or solar heater is probably the best option.pool-heat-pumpss

    If you have swimmers like my kids and plan on swimming every day of the week, the least expensive way to maintain a constant water temperature would be an electric heat pump. Typically, an electric heat pump costs about 4 times less to operate compared to a gas heater. I have an electric heat pump in my own backyard in the New England area and I would never use any other type of heater.

    inground-pool-accessories-coverAfter the swimming season ends and winter season begins, I highly recommend using a winter safety cover to cover your pool for the winter time. With a safety cover you no longer have to worry about any children or animals falling into your swimming pool. safety-covers

    Having a safety cover will give peace of mind, but also a safety cover will typically last about 10-15 years and look much nicer aesthetically than a floating water cover with water tubes. Floating covers end up as an unsafe and ugly swamp in the backyard.

    inground-pool-accessories-slide A pool slide is also a great product that can be added to your new inground swimming pool. Having a slide in your own backyard will allow you to truly create your own backyard fun center. g-force-pool-slide

    Slides range in prices from $1000 to over $3K, for the G-Force 360 degree pool slide; the ultimate pool slide experience that kids will line up for!

    When it comes to the landscaping for your pool, see Jon's earlier post on how to landscape around a pool. There are many different types of trees, bushes and flowers that you can plant in your area, around the swimming pool deck.

    If you don't have any trees in your backyard and you have a south facing yard where you have full sunlight during the course of the day you might want have a gazebo or awning, or a large patio umbrella to give you shade in the backyard.pool-umbrella

    Finally, two other nice pool accessories - a fire pit in the backyard is a great gathering spot for family and friends. Floating pool fountains or floating candles are a nice touch for parties where no one will be swimming.

    These useful pool accessories mentioned are items that would be beneficial for any new pool owner. You can create your own backyard paradise, have more fun and less worry about the maintenance of your pool.

    And that's what it's all about - enjoying your pool!

    Chris Low
    SPP Pool Expert

    Blog Author