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    Above Ground Pool Cover Check-Up for Easier Spring Opening

    January 26, 2018
    Matt Spencer

    warhol pools

    This winter of 2017/2018 will go down on record as the most widespread pool damage. Normally temperate areas saw massive damage and even winterized pools in some regions suffered damage.

    If you are concerned about winter damage or ice damage to your aboveground pool, here are a few things you can check.

    The most important thing for aboveground pools is a good Air Pillow. These are used to prevent a solid ice sheet from forming across the pool, which allows room for ice expansion. If your Air Pillow deflates or drifts to the side, you should re-inflate or replace it, in the center of the pool.

    Mid-winter pool cover maintenance is a great time and money saver down the road. Check tightness on the vinyl-coated cable, and if not, tighten it properly with the winch. Walk around the pool to inspect cable placement and inspect above ground pool wall bags if you use them.

    Hopefully when you closed your pool in the fall, you used either cover clips or a winter cover seal to keep the wind from getting underneath your winter cover. Replace any broken or missing clips or the and tuck the cover behind the cable, to stop wind from getting up-under your winter cover.

    Inspect the pool cover for any stress areas, where it is being pulled tightly. If you see a small hole or tear in your cover, there are winter pool cover patch kits available, and they are easy to install and are effective at patching holes.

    cover pumpOne final thing to check on your winter cover is if any water is standing on top of the cover. Use a reliable pool cover pump to remove any standing water to prevent ice damage and reduce the weight on the cover and seams. An inch or less of water may be OK, but more than that could create cover problems.

    Beyond your winter cover, it may be wise to check the anti-freeze in your pool lines. If you filled your lines with non-toxic anti-freeze and the anti-freeze levels are now lower, it means you have a leaking winter plug, or worse, leaking plumbing somewhere.

    Check around your pool equipment for any leaks. If there are leaks or cracks, you do not necessarily have to fix it right away, just be sure to make a note that the plumbing or piece of pool equipment needs a replacement part in the spring before you open your pool.

    Checking your pool water level is also very important, add water if the pool seems to be losing water.

    Look under the cover for algae growth in your pool, especially if you live in more a temperate climate. With water temps below 60 degrees, it is harder for algae to bloom, but if you live farther south or the winter has been rather mild, algae can grow under a winter cover. Adding a spring dose of algaecide to the pool before the water warms up, will prevent algae.

    In fact, algae will thrive without the right pool chemicals treating your pool water and the pool pump not circulating water. The last thing you want to deal with while opening your pool in the spring is a nasty algae bloom that takes a constant filtering, extra chemicals, scrubbing and vacuuming.

    If your pool is still frozen solid, you will have to wait to do some things, like repair damage. We are already receiving a lot of calls about damaged liners, skimmers, and covers - it's been a rough winter! Not much you can do if the pool is still an ice cube, except get ready for the thaw.

    If you do all of these things, or even just some of things, on a warmer winter day, you will be thankful when you go to open your pool in a couple of months.

    guy on pool floatA little bit of checking and maintenance now will prevent more time-consuming, costlier things to do when you go to open up your pool.

    Freeing you up more time for what's really important!

    Blog Author
    Matt Spencer
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