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    5 Ways to Add Fun to your Inground Pool

    August 6, 2012

    fun products to add to your pool

    Your swimming pool - it's pretty to look at, but to really get the most out of your inground pool, it should be fun, too! Whether you have kids in the pool, or your swimming pool is more of an adult playground, we have lots of ways to amp up the fun factor. After spending all of that money for an inground pool, (not to mention operational costs) you should maximize the benefits of pool ownership by adding a few fun swimming pool accessories.

    How's the Water Temperature?

    After being in the pool industry for so many years, I get to hear some great feedback from new pool owners. One of the most common complaints I hear, (albeit from New Englanders, like myself) is that the pool is great but we don't get as much use out of it - because the water is too cold. Having warm pool water is my number one tip for making your pool more fun!

    Gas pool heaters - both Natural gas and propane gas - is the most popular way to heat a swimming pool. They are fast and powerful, but can cost a few bucks to keep the water warm, unless you are using a solar blanket or automatic pool cover to keep most of the heat in the pool.

    Another way to heat your pool which I personally think is a better option would be a pool heat pump. I have a heat pump on my own pool, and after doing a lot of research - this was the cheapest way to heat my pool. The initial cost of a pool heat pump is more than a gas heater but if you take into consideration the cost to run the natural gas line from the meter to the heater plus the gas usage, you are almost at the price of a heat pump. Pool heat pumps are about 75 percent more efficient than gas heaters. If you plan on only swimming just on weekends, a gas heater may be a better option for you because it will increase the temperature more quickly than a heat pump.

    Of course, there is also solar pool heat to consider. If you have a suitable rooftop, facing south, with a lot of daily sun, you can easily install solar pool panels. You might be surprised at how much heat these units can create, from April - October. The cost of a complete solar system is about the same as a gas heater, but from then on, it's Free!

    Slide into Fun!

    Turn your backyard pool into your own private water park with a pool slide! We have 9 kinds of pool slides. Once you get a slide for your pool you will not be able to get your kids and their friends out of the pool - pool slides are definitely fun! To install a slide, make sure you have enough concrete deck space. Check our website for requirements, or give us a call and we will gladly do the calculations for you. Another fun item which all kids love is a diving board. But be sure that your pool is a "diving pool" before installing a diving board; typically a diving pool has to be at least 8ft deep.

    Swimming Pool Water Sports!

    For the sports enthusiasts, we have many different water sports games available. How about a game of basketball or volleyball in the pool? Playing sports in the water is always more fun than on the hot blacktop. These sports games are great whether you dream of being the next NBA basketball star, or just enjoy playing for fun. The Pool Shot Varsity game has a regulation size backboard and is adjustable in height so you can work on your slam dunks. For a game that's a bit less active, all my adult friends like to come over for a game of pool volleyball, and last weekend we had a game of inner tube water polo. I laughed so much I fell out of my tube!

    Fun Pool Fountains!

    When the games are over, and you want to add some ambiance to the evening activities, an elegant accessory to add to your pool would be one of our LED color changing fountain. Floating pool fountains use the pool water pressure to create a beautiful, three-tiered fountain, lit with color! Attach the pool fountain to your pool return fitting. The soft splashing water is very relaxing and looks even better when the sun goes down. This is a must for pool parties - all of our guests comment on how nice it looks.

    Extend your Pool Season!

    aquaflex superspan pool dome enclosures rock!

    Living in New England and owning a pool, we typically have a 4-5 month swimming pool season. How would you like to extend your swimming pool season and swim all year long? My wife and I are seriously considering adding an inflatable pool enclosure this year, and closing the pool after the holidays, when our guests have returned home. With a pool dome you can swim all year, no matter what the weather is outside. It traps in the heat, keeps the pool clean, and turns an outdoor pool into an indoor pool. Take a look at the AquaFlex SuperSpan pool dome for more details.

    The options that you can add to your inground pool are endless, but I'll stop here. We have tons of fun products for many hours of pool fun and entertainment. Not that you need to buy anything to enjoy your pool, but from the stories I hear, the excitement tends to fade after a few years, but it doesn't have to! Having a pool should be fun - and if your pool isn't providing you or your family with lots of it - add some spice and let the good times roll!

    Chris Low
    SPP Pool Expert

    Blog Author
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