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    New Inground Vinyl Liner Styles are Here!

    February 27, 2014


    Choosing an inground vinyl liner can seem overwhelming - people select a liner pattern for many different reasons such as to match the color of their home, decor of the backyard or sometimes it is a family decision on the liner pattern. The advantage of having a vinyl liner pool is that you can replace the liner with a different style than before and give the pool a totally new look.

    When I built my pool 10 years ago and we were deciding on which liner to pick I actually brought some samples home that I had at my office so that my wife could put them in our bath tub to see what it looks like with water on it, this helped her pick her favorite one.


    Back by popular demand - we have some our most popular liners back in stock for the 2014 swimming pool season. One liner in particular - we sold out last year after just the one month of being on the website - Tulum is a beautiful Caribbean blue in a 27/20 mil inground liner. Another pattern that is back in stock after being sold out last season is the Cancun Wave - this liner is manufactured by GLI and is a 28/20 mil thickness.

    New patterns available this season which I am sure are going to very popular and are priced right include the Inverness Blue Marble 27/20 mil, the Caesars Palace Royal Prism 27 mil and Bristol Creekstone 27 mil. These liners have nice bright colors and look even better inside the pool with water over it.


    If you are looking for a different look to your backyard decor we do also offer some grey and brown liners. One of very popular liners from GLI is our Estate Sand Granite this liner is available in both the 20 and 27 mil thickness. The top of this liner has a stone tile border and the wall and floor have a brownish tan speckled look to it.


    Under the Equator section of our website, we have the liners we include with our inground pool kits. One of our most popular patterns is the Colorado Sundance and this is a 27 mil thickness. This liner is a pretty darker color blue liner that gives you a nice blue sparkling reflection of water. My sister in law has this liner in her pool and it looks amazing with water in it. If I was to choose our next liner this would be my choice, but as all of you married men you all know it ultimately will be your wife's decision!

    Another very similar pattern to the Colorado Sundance but with a different style border is our Silver Princeton Sundance also in a 27 mil material. This liner has a grey and blue tile border that matches great with a grey house and also matches a grey concrete patio.


    Also from the Equator page one our very popular inground liners we sell with our pool kits is the LaMer Blue Tropic as well as the Pinwheel Blue Tropic both are 27 mil material.

    These liners are very similar have the same wall and floor pattern the only difference is the tile border. The LaMer Blue Tropic has a very pretty blue and grey tile border and the Pinwheel Blue Tropic liner has a brown and blue tile border. Both of these liners give you a gorgeous blue reflection of water, and pick up neutral tones around the pool.


    gauge-vs-milSpecialty Pool Products has 3 different options when it comes to choosing which liner you want for your inground pool. The most common thickness of inground liner that most people have is a 20 mil material - some people call it 25 Gauge. When shopping for a new inground liner be careful you will see both terms used to describe the liner thickness. We use the industry standard which is mil thickness.

    The second option would be our 27/20 or 28/20 this is basically the same liner but different manufacturers call it something different. This option would give you the extra thickness along the wall and 20 mil along the floor of the pool. The benefit of having this style liner would be you have the extra thickness on the wall which will help prevent UV rays from fading your liner. This is a great option for a customer that lives in a sunny locale.

    With a thicker inground pool liner, especially with extra thickness on the wall, you get a good stretch of the liner, without thin spots along the wall. Check out our closeout liners section of our website we have a few of these heavier liners at the same price as our 20 mil material. Typically the 28/20 mil liners are more expensive, but it is worth the extra cost because it should last a few more years than the standard 20 mil material.

    Finally, our last option which is probably the best option and that would be our All-Over 27 or 28 mil material. This is the thickest liner we sell, and has the extra thickness along the wall and floor. Whether you live in a cold climate area like me in Massachusetts or a warm climate like Nevada, this liner would be your best option. Tblack-granite-linerhis will eliminate any worries about the sun fading your pool liner and also less chance of any ice damage if you live in area where you get severe winter weather. The heavier liner on the wall and floor also protects against anything sharp puncturing a hole in your liner.

    When choosing a pool liner I would recommend picking a liner that you like and not be too concerned with the thickness of the liner because all of the liners should last at least 7-10 years minimum, although a thicker liner could last much longer. Like the image shown right, you will see the liners listed on our website as 20/20 mil, 28/20 mil, or 28/28 mil. The first number is the wall thickness, and the second number is the floor thickness.

    When shopping for an inground liner on the internet you will see that some merchants call their 28 mil liner a 34 gauge; as mentioned earlier we go by the industry standard mil to eliminate any confusion.


    We have been selling inground vinyl liners that homeowners have been installing themselves since 1994. Each season we sell over 1800 inground replacement liners and 95% of the homeowners install it themselves.

    inground-liner-measuring-formsWe can make a liner for any shape or size swimming pool but we do need you to provide the measurements for us. On our website, we have inground vinyl liner measurement forms for 7 different shapes so that you can take easy and accurate measurements. There are checks and balances when analyzing your measurements, so if something does not make sense, the CAD software can see it clearly. We have inground liner measurement forms and instructions on our website.

    inground-liner-installation-instructionsTake a look at our very detailed installation instructions for a new inground pool liner. You can also give any of us a call if you have any questions or need further assistance with measuring or installing. I would recommend taking a look at these blog posts for further detail on how simple it really is to measure and install your own inground pool liner.

    We have liners for everyone no matter what your budget or style is and by doing it yourself you will save thousands of dollars compared to a local installer. If you have any questions or need further assistance on choosing a liner, give one of our inground pool experts a call. We can be reached toll-free at (855) 863-4299 and look forward to hearing from you soon.

    For me, there is no better feeling than when a customer calls back and says that they installed the liner with no problems and it looks great and thank you for all of your help. For you, not only will you feel proud about the work, you'll be thrilled that you did it for half the cost!

    Chris Low
    SPP Pool Expert

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