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    Pool Blog
    The Specialty Pool Products blog is the perfect place to find pool expert tips and useful information on everything involving a pool. Whether you own an above ground or inground pool, spa or hot tub, or don’t own a pool at all but are thinking about investing in one, look through the SPP blog to learn what the pool pros and experienced pool owners do to make your pool experience better, safer and more enjoyable.

    Keeping Bugs Out of Swimming Pools

    How to establish your swimming pool as a bug-free zone in the neighborhood. If bugs and beetles are filling your baskets, there is help and hope available!Read Blog

    Cloudy Pool Water after Opening

    What to do? You have balanced the pool water, shocked the pool, run the filter for a week and it is still cloudy. We get a lot of calls about cloudy pool water this time of year!Read Blog

    Pool Scale: Remove & Control

    Removing and controlling calcium carbonate pool scale is today's topic. Calcium scale in pools comes from elevated levels of calcium, carbonates (from alkalinity) and high pH. High water temperature just aggravates the situation.Read Blog

    Top 5 Swimming Pool Sand Filter Problems

    Today we look at some common Sand Pool Filter Problems, and how to fix your sand filter troubles with just basic hand tools, and in some cases a few sand filter parts that come in handy...Read Blog

    National Pool Opening Day is Here!

    National Pool Opening Day is the last Saturday in April! If you are wondering when to open the pool, join millions of other people April 27 for National Pool Opening Day, start-up the pool and fire up the grills!Read Blog

    Spring Opening for a Salt Water Pool

    Starting up a salt water pool is similar to opening a regular pool, but there are some distinct differences that should be noted. It starts the same way as every pool opening, and ends nearly the same way - it's a few steps in the middle that require some rethinking.Read Blog

    15 Awesome Above Ground Pool Deck Designs

    Now 15 strong - our pictorial or idea book on aboveground pool deck ideas. Take a look at what other above ground pool owners have done to solve their deck dilemma. Size, materials, colors, and features - so many deck choices.Read Blog

    The Benefits of Swimming

    The many benefits of swimming as a means of exercise - for the mind and body. This article highlights the personal benefits that swimming and other forms of water exercise can bring to anyone.Read Blog

    How to Build a Pool: What to do with a Sloped Backyard

    Our DIY inground pool kits go anywhere, even in your steep or sloped backyard, Let us sketch out some rough ideas, for building a pool on your hilly location.Read Blog

    Inground Pool Leak Detection During Winter

    As I said in the beginning, a winter pool leak can be more of a problem than a summer pool leak. Let us know if we can help you with any winter pool leaks in your vinyl lined pool.Read Blog

    Convert from Gas Heat to Heat Pump

    Replacing an old gas pool heater with an electric pool heat pump. No emissions, No fuel, green heat. Step into the future with clean energy pool heating.Read Blog

    Inground Pool Kit Reviews - From REAL People

    Pool kit reviews with completed pool pictures and SPP testimonials - Do it yourself with pride and save a lot of money too. These 10 people built their own pool, and none had ever done anything like this before...Read Blog

    Pool Safety During Winter

    Winter pool safety is important - for both snowbelt and sunbelt pools. Quick read on how to practice pool safety during winter.Read Blog

    Avoiding Freeze Damage in Your Above Ground Pool

    Above Ground Pool Freeze Damage. The same pool water that you swim in, refreshing and relaxing throughout the swimming season, can be the same water that completely destroys your pool during the winter.Read Blog

    4-Step Winterized Pool Inspection

    Four things to inspect your pool for this winter. Water Level, Tight Cover, Pool Equipment and Water Chemistry. Read on for more info on how to give your pool a quick mid-winter inspection.Read Blog

    More Blog

    SPP Blog: Vinyl Swimming Pool Information

    From installing your own pool to spring pool opening, regular maintenance and through pool closing in the fall, the Specialty Pool Products blog is the single place to find the most expert information along with new ideas and tips from experience pool owners. Find step-by-step instructions for many pool management activities like pool closings, pool openings and safety cover installation, or you can simply browse through the hundreds of different pool and spa topics to simply learn more about anything involving your pool or pool area.

    The PoolProducts.com blog is a great place to learn about pool products to make your pool maintenance easier. There are many blog posts about pool chemistry as well, where you can find highly useful information about what chemicals to use, how much to use and when to use them to make your pool safer and clearer with more efficiency and effectiveness. The SPP blog contains a long list of articles that focus solely on pool and spa chemicals, each blog post providing new and fresh information to help make you a better pool, spa or hot tub owner.

    If you own a pool, no matter its size, the Specialty Pool Products swimming pool blog holds a wealth of information to help make your pool maintenance and swimming experience much more enjoyable while saving you some money.

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