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    Winter Pool Cover Cleaning and Storage

    Clean the cover in the best area

    Find a suitable location for cleaning, a sloping driveway is best, or clean grassy area can work, but a large area of the pool deck may be the best choice. If you don't have a large area to spread the cover out, keep it folded loosely on one side of the cleaning area, and pull out and clean a 5-10' area at a time. After cleaning the strip, fan-fold or accordion fold the cover on top of the part that was just cleaned.

    Spray water and scrub the cover with a soft push broom or the pool brush on a pole. If needed, a small amount of dish soap may be used. Rinse thoroughly and allow the cover to drain and dry. It's not necessary to over-clean a solid pool cover, just knock off all of the heavy muck.

    More important than a clean pool cover top, is that the bottom side of the pool cover is clean, so that when the cover goes on next year, you won't drag in leaves, bugs and grass clippings that are stuck onto the underside, and rolled up all winter.

    Dry the cover as much as possible

    Drying a large pool cover can be difficult on a small lot size. They dry quickly on hot asphalt or concrete, or can be spread out in the yard for a short time (too long on a hot day can 'burn' the grass). Pool covers can also be pulled (carefully) over a smooth fence, or a long rope strung high off the ground. You can also move the cover to a steep area for draining, after the cover has been fan-folded, but before it's rolled up. It's not necessary or possible to get the cover completely dry before folding, just do the best you can.

    Patch any holes in the pool cover

    While cleaning the cover, take note of any holes in your pool cover. Patching holes in a pool cover is quick and easy to do with self-adhesive pool cover patch kit. Just clean and dry the area, and peel and stick the cover patch over the hole. Patch pool covers in the spring, or you may forget about it during the summer, and not patch it before putting the cover back on.

    Fold the cover accordion style

    Fan folding solid pool covers makes it easier in the spring to put the cover back on. Fold the cover over on itself, like the pleats of an accordion (or filter cartridge), about 3-4 feet wide. After draining on a steep incline, roll-up the cover tightly like a sleeping bag.

    Tie with twine or rope

    A few loops around the rolled up pool cover with a sturdy rope or twine will keep the cover tightly rolled, to keep out rodents and insects. Tying up the cover also helps it from coming unrolled while in storage, and makes it easier for one person to carry the cover.

    Store in a safe location

    A large trash can or barrel is an ideal location to keep nesting rodents out and prevent other kinds of cover damage during the off season. Otherwise, choose a high-up location that is hard for rodents to reach, and keep away from any high heat sources. Pool covers do not need to be stored in a climate controlled room, but can be stored in a cool and dry garage or shed.

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