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    Winter Pool Cover Installation Instructions and Tips

    Instructions and Tips for Installing Winter Covers

    A properly sized & installed winter cover will thoroughly protect your pool, and give you years of hassle-free performance. And fortunately, installing a Winter Cover on an above ground or inground pool is an easy process. Review the tips below, and feel free to call us at 1-800-983-7665 if you have questions or need assistance.

    Always select your Winter Cover based on your pool size, NOT by Cover size. Winter Covers are made with sufficient overlap to cover your entire pool (usually between 3' & 5' extra depending on the type of Cover and type of pool).

    Do not attempt to stretch the Winter Cover across the pool to make it fit (see diagram below). A Cover installed in this manner will fail during the off-season, and voids the manufacturer's warranty.

    correct way to install a winter pool cover incorrect way to install a winter pool cover

    This diagram illustrates the correct way to install your Winter Cover. As shown, these Covers are designed to "lay-on-the-water" and not to be stretched across the pool. Properly installed, a Winter Cover will provide you with years of protection & hassle-free use.

    These standard tarp-style Winter Covers are designed to handle the weight of accumulated rainwater & snowmelt on top of them while on the pool. This will NOT damage your Cover. Excessive water can be periodically removed from the Cover using a cover pumps if desired, but you should always leave at least 1" of water to weigh down the Cover and protect it from wind damage.

    When draining water with a Cover Pump, be sure not to position the Pump over a seam, as this can cause the Pump to pull / drain water from your pool!

    Our Winter Covers accommodate up to an 18" drop in your pool's water level (from the top edge of your pool). If you normally drop your water level more than 18", you will need to order a larger size Winter Cover for a proper fit. Give us a call at 1-800-983-7665 for more information.

    We recommend the use of water tubes or Aqua Blocks (for inground pools), and cover clips or wall bags (for above ground pools) to weigh down your Winter Cover. Do not use bricks or sharp blocks for this purpose, as they can damage the Cover.

    If you tie your Winter Cover to a fence or other permanent structure, be sure to use a flexible "Bungee cord" which will allow the Cover to shift under the weight of water, ice & snow without damaging the corner tabs or straps. We recommend the use of Water Tubes, Aqua Blocks, Cover Clips or Wall Bags under these circumstances as well.

    Expert Tips & Advice about Standard Winter Covers

    expert tips and advice on installing a winter pool cover

    Below are some basic tips & helpful hints on choosing, ordering and installing your Winter Cover. If you have any questions after reviewing them, please feel free to call us at 1-800-983-7665. One of our friendly Pool Experts will be happy to assist you with answers to product questions and expert advice.

    Winter Covers are made with sufficient overlap to cover the pool (usually between 3' and 5' extra), depending on the type of Cover and type of pool.

    Order your Winter Cover based on your pool size, not based on the Cover size. To ensure an accurate fit, you will need specific pool measurements before ordering your Winter Cover.

    Purchase the highest quality Winter Cover your budget will allow. It pays dividends!

    Standard Winter Covers are made to "lie on the water", and are not designed to be "tee-peed" or stretched tightly over the pool to allow for water run-off. Using a standard Winter Cover in these ways can void your warranty and / or ruin your Cover. If you are interested in a taut cover that can be stretched over the pool, consider one of SPP's Safety Covers, which are designed to do just that.

    Pool Closing Accessories

    All SPP Inground Winter Covers come complete with loops for water tubes, which are used to secure the Cover to your pool, and prevent damage & flapping from heavy wind during the off-season. Water tubes are available separately, and will be required to install your Cover. Some SPP Winter Covers are available as Cover Kits - complete with water tubes, which can save you time, money & hassle come closing time! Water Tubes should be filled approximately to 75% capacity. We recommend you fill the water tubes with chemically treated pool water, to both lower your water level and keep algae to a minimum inside the water tube. A submersible cover pump works very well to fill water tubes.

    All SPP above ground Winter Covers come complete with vinyl-coated metal cable and winch (cable tightener) to secure the Cover to your pool. Cover Clips are available separately, and will be required to properly secure your Winter Cover to the pool's side rail. Some SPP above ground winter covers are available as Cover Kits - Complete with cover clips, which is a time-saver at closing time! Above ground pools in cold climates MUST also use an ice equalizer air pillow. Pillows should be filled with air to no more than 75% capacity. Inflate pillow(s) a few days prior to covering the pool to ensure there are no leaks. Secure the pillow to the center of the pool (whether it be round or oval). Tie it with a nylon cord. In high wind areas, use our Cover Seal to prevent damage from wind-whip.

    In-wall skimmers and return fittings should be protected and/or plugged as part of the winterizing process. We offer a choice of Skimmer Guards and plugs for the return.

    In-ground pool lines should be "blown out" to eliminate standing water that may freeze and crack the plumbing. Remove water from filter, pump, heater and other apparatus that may get damaged if freezing temperatures exist. Save all the plugs and fittings for spring start-up.

    If you choose a mesh Cover, you may want to add a Mesh Safety Cover Mate floating cover to the water before you put the mesh cover on the pool. This will greatly aid you in keeping the water clear for the winter, and makes for an easier spring start-up.

    For pools with lots of trees near the perimeter, a leaf catcher is a great time-saver. Place it over your Solid or Mesh Cover before the leaves start to fall, then remove it in late November for a clean Clover in the Spring, that's free of messy, decaying leaves.

    Winterizing the pool water is also important. Consider our winter closing chemical kits for everything you need, sized to your pool.

    Feel free to call us at 1-800-983-7665 if you have any questions. Everyone who answers the phone is a pool professional, and we look forward to helping you get the right Winter Cover for your specific pool and situation.