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    Measure Kidney and Free Form Pools for an Inground Liner

    Kidney & Free Form Pools (A-B Method)

    form to measure vinyl pool for new liner
    1. Select 2 points outside the pool on a long side at least 3 feet from the pool and approximately 2/3 the length of the pool apart and RECORD THAT DISTANCE. These are your A & B points. NOTE: An imaginary line extended between these points and beyond both ends should not come within 3 feet of the pool. "A" should always be on the left if the line is between you and the pool.

    2. Mark points around the edge of the pool at the BEAD RECEIVER, NOT the edge of the coping, approximately 2-3 feet apart (1 foot or so on a tight radius). Put marks at the shallow end break line on both sides. Also where the transition slope meets the hopper pad. This line does not extend to the wall, so you will have to sight this line yourself. Number EACH of these marks.

    3. Measure from point A to point 1 and from B to 1. Record the measurements on a chart like the one shown. Repeat for all points and mark which numbers are at the break lines (4 points X1, X2, X3, X4).

    4. Indicate whether the transition slope lines are straight or curved (see drawing)

    5. Measure the back and side slopes, and the hopper pad length and width (see general measurements; depth, slope, length, and width).

    6. Measure the shallow end from the center of the break line to the center of the shallow end wall.

    7. Measure from the left corner of the shallow end to the left corner of the hopper pad, and the same for the right side (V to X2 & T to X4).

    8. Measure the shallow end depth and the hopper depth at the corners of the pad (see general depth, slope, length and width measurements).

    9. Measure the perimeter of the entire pool at the bead.

    10. If there is a step, indicate its location by marking points at each corner of the step and assigning numbers to them. On the form, indicate which points correspond to the step corners. For added accuracy you can measure from one or both of the shallow end "corners" to both step corners (X2 to S & X2 to R).

    11. Indicate the direction of the pool and the end you are standing at to determine this (i.e. left from deep end). Also include a rough sketch showing the direction, location of the A & B points, and bottom configuration.

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