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    How to Install an Above Ground Pool Fence

    Above Ground Pool Fence Installation Instructions

    Step 1: Installing the mounting bracket to each pool upright.

    above ground pool fence installation schematic 1

    Step 2: Installing an "artificial upright" (used to install the fencing up to the edge of a deck or A-frame ladder, as pictured).

    This requires one 4"x4 " wooden post and one 2" sheet metal screw. To make installation easier, place your ladder directly next to an upright support (shown to the LEFT of the ladder in the image), so that your new fencing system can be attached directly next to the ladder. Because the section of fencing on the other side of your pool ladder will have to end in the middle of a section of pool wall (where there is no upright to attach the fencing), an artificial upright support is required (shown to the RIGHT of the ladder in the image).

    above ground pool fence installation schematic 2 installing artificial upright

    Determine the location for the artificial upright, then dig a hole approximately 6" deep. Measure from the bottom of the hole to the bottom side of the top rail of your swimming pool. Cut the wooden post to fit that length of span. Place the wooden post into the ground so it fits snug against the pool wall, then screw down through the top rail of your pool into the wooden post.

    Step 3: Installing the fence posts.

    above ground pool fence installation schematic 3 installing fence posts

    Start by installing the two fence end-posts first (one placed on each side of the ladder or deck). The end posts are those that have rail holes in only one side.

    Step 4: Trimming & installing the bottom rails.

    Each side of the bottom rail should extend 1/2 inch into each fence post. Measure the distance between fence posts, add 1 inch, and cut the bottom rail to this measurement. Do not cut more than one rail at a time, because the distance between pool uprights may vary.

    above ground pool installation schematic 4 trimming and installing the bottom rails above ground pool fence installation schematic 5 trimming and installing fence bottom rails

    Step 5: Installing spindles into the bottom rails.

    above ground pool fence installation schematic 6 installing spindles into the bottom rails

    Step 6: Install top rails.

    Use the same instructions in Step 4 above for the installation of the bottom rails, and insert the top caps.