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    How Safety Pool Covers are Made

    What materials are used for safety pool covers?

    Pool safety covers are sewn together out of 3 ft. or 5 ft. panels of a woven polypropylene. Seam webbing and straps are also made of rot resistant and UV stable polyester material, sewn together with heavy duty polyester thread. All hardware is stainless steel (buckles, strap tips, springs) and the deck anchors are made of brass.

    How safety covers are made?

    Mesh safety covers are made from a woven fabric of strong polyester strands. The number of strands used in each direction, the thickness of the strands, and the application of heat and pressure to bond the fibers, all play a role in the fabric strength.

    Cover fabric is cut into roughly 3ft or 5ft panels and sewn together with heavy webbing on all edges, and "x" tacking on all corners. 18" straps are quadruple stitched at the end of each cover seam, and finished with stainless steel tip and buckles. On the underside of the cover, a 24"x1/2" long plastic wear strip is sewn on to protect the cover from contacting the edge of the pool. After Inspection, they are tagged and shipped with a set of stainless steel springs, brass anchors, cover tool, hex key and cover storage bag.

    Rectangular safety pool covers

    Safety pool covers are actually dozens of smaller square panels sewn together with webbing on the top and bottom of every seam, at the intersection of each panel edge. Smaller panel sections are used on one end or side, to meet specific rectangular measurements. Stock covers are pre-made rectangular safety covers, ready to ship, in over 25 standard sizes. A rectangular cover will wear unevenly if installed on a non-rectangular pool, or a pool of a larger or smaller size than the cover. Measure your pool's inside dimensions to match your pool size to our stock cover sizes.

    Custom shaped safety pool covers

    Custom covers are made by a CAD system that is fed the A-B measurements of the pool taken by the homeowner or pool dealer, and produces an exact match cover template to make precise cuts of the fabric panels used around the edges of the pool. Machine operators sew the curved edge panels around the cover perimeter, and stitch together the outer webbing, and "x" tack the overlapping intersection of each cover strap.

    In addition to the plastic wear strips sewn on each seam where the bottom of the cover touches the pool edge, custom safety covers also usually have 2-4 vinyl wear pads, used in inside corners, sharp curves, or transitions. Cut-outs can also be added to a cover to wrap around obstructions like slide legs or fill spouts, located closer than 12-15" from the pool edge.

    Where a custom safety cover meets rocks, waterfalls, or raised walls or steps, a cable-hook design is employed, with a padded edge to conform to the shape of the wall or rocks. Stainless steel hooks on the underside edge of the cover snap onto the cable, tightly run between SS wall eyehook anchors, placed about every 3 feet into the wall. To obtain a price for a custom safety cover, the first step is to print our A-B measurement form.

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