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    Above Ground Pool Liner Types and Installation Tips

    Types of Above Ground Pool Liners

    different types of above ground pool vinyl liners

    The diagrams above illustrate the construction of each specific custom bead available. Choose based on your pool's brand name.

    above ground pool overlap liner image

    Some liners are what we call overlap. This type is the most common and simply folds over the corrugated metal wall and drapes down on the outside of the wall. The liner is held in place by liner coping strips. You may wish to replace these if your old ones are brittle and dry.

    above ground pool hung beaded liner image

    Beaded liners have a thick-formed extrusion at the top that hooks into a female receptor around the top of the pool wall on the waterside. Some brands of pools use a special bead that we can make for you as a special. Most pools can utilize the standard bead that is common in the industry. Call us if you feel you need more assistance. If you want, mail us a small piece of this bead and we can tell you instantly what you need. Better to be safe than sorry. Incidentally, you can change your overlap liner to accept a beaded liner by simply adding liner conversion strips to your order. This way, if you need to change the liner in the future, you do not have to remove the top seats of the pool. This is a real time saver and is much easier to reinstall.

    above ground pool v-bead j-hook liner image

    J-Hook-V-Bead are liner types that have a thicker open flap top that inserts over the corrugated metal wall. It looks likes the plastic coping we use to hold an overlap liner over the metal wall except that, in this case, it is attached to the top of the liner. If you are using an overlap liner and your pool is a flat-bottom, you can use the V-Hook or the J-Hook type liner.

    Looking for a great-fitting beaded Liner that's easier to install? Shop our new Unibead above ground pool liners - they work equally well with both J-Hook (V-Bead) and Hung-Bead liner styles!

    Note: This information is intended to answer many questions you may have regarding the type and size liner you may need. SPP cannot be held responsible if you purchase the wrong size, shape, depth, or type liner. The best way to make sure you are getting the right liner is to talk to us at our toll-free # 1-800-983-7665. We're happy to help!

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