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    More About In Ground Pool Liners

    Inground pool liners are, perhaps, the most important piece of equipment for your pool. Not only do these vinyl liners keep your pool water from seeping into the ground, give your pool and back yard area a great look, but inground pool liners are an integrated part of your pool deck or patio, making it harder to replace quickly – which is why getting a good, reliable liner is essential. And before you get too far into the process, read up on some inground pool liner measuring help and other information that will help you understand the things to watch out for when ordering and installing your pool liner.

    First, you’re going to want to find that vinyl in-ground liner you love the looks of since you’re going to be seeing it every time you get in or around the pool. You will want a liner that will compliment your outdoor décor and bring the style you want to your outdoor living space as well since, remember, it will not be easy to replace one installed.

    Then, choose a gauge – or thickness – of vinyl you want to use. Usually the rule of thumb is the thicker the vinyl liner, the better. That’s especially true in climates where there’s a lot of freezing in the winter and real hot temperatures in the summer. A thicker-gauge vinyl will stand up to temperature changes, freezing and heavy use better than a thinner gauge pool liner. However, in temperate regions, you can get away with a thinner vinyl for your liner, which will save you some money. There are also liner accessories like a roll of in-ground pool wall foam that may hide lumps, small ridges or other imperfections from fiberglass, concrete and plaster in ground pools. A smooth wall backing also helps your liner last longer as it prevents ripples that can wear over time as well as preventing rust or corrosion from the pool’s surface material.

    Once you find the look you love, and the thickness you want, it’s then time to decide how you want to install your inground pool liner. If your pool has built-in stairs, you should consider installing the vinyl liner over and along the walls of the stairs for a fully integrated look. There are ways to piece liners in, but it is not recommended to do so. Find some very helpful information about DIY inground liner installation so you can do the job right and save a ton of money doing it.

    If you know the liner you want, but you’re not sure if it will fit your pool, feel free to read more about measuring for inground pool liners. And as always, if you have any questions regarding in ground pool liners, the helpful, knowledgeable pool professionals at PoolProducts.com are always available to provide answers when you call them at (800) 983-7665.