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    Water Purification Options for your Inground Pool

    July 9, 2012

    Alternate Sanitizers

    When it comes to water purification for your inground swimming pool there are many options to choose from. The most common way people sanitize their pool is with chlorine tablets for everyday chlorination, and granular chlorine for shocking. Chlorine is the best sanitizer available for pools, and we do sell a lot of many types of chlorine. But some people correctly argue that:

    • Chlorine dries skin and hair
    • Chlorine bleaches swim suits and hair
    • Chlorine is dangerous to store and handle
    • Chlorine production and transport is environmentally taxing

    Water purification has come a long way in the last 20 years. Chlorine is still the dominant sanitizer, but for those that would prefer to store and handle chlorine less, there are now other Alternate Sanitizers available for pool owners to keep the pool clean and clear.

    Salt Chlorine Generators

    Jandy eI salt systemOne of the most popular products we have sold for the past 5 years is a chlorine generator. Not an alternate sanitizer, like those that follow, salt chlorine generators replace the need for tablets and granular chlorine. Chlorine generators are electrical devices, which generate the killing form of chlorine, Hypochlorus Acid, from salt added to the pool water.

    When using a chlorine generator, the pool water will feel much softer on your skin. If you have children they will never complain about their eyes burning, I have one of these on my own pool and my kids can go under the water with their eyes open and have no irritation. Every time one of the kid’s friends or neighbors comes to my house to swim they always comment on the "soft water".

    If you never have swam in a pool with a chlorine generator you do not know what you are missing. Many health clubs and hotels are now using chlorine generators. Another advantage is that there is no chlorine odor with a salt chlorine generator.

    Shocking the Salt Chlorine Pool. When it comes to shocking a pool, most pool owners "shock" or superchlorinate, every 7-10 days or after a large bather load. You can use all of our inground salt chlorine generators to shock your pool. Just push a button!  For me, the best part about this is no longer having to purchase or store any granular or liquid shock.

    We have many different chlorine generators, for different size swimming pools.

    Pool Ionizers

    power ionizer

    Another option to choose from for pool water purification would be a Power Pool Ionizer. Pool ionizers sanitize your water through the process of ionization; they release copper or silver through a sacrificial mineral electrode into your pool water. Copper ions are a bacteristat, or they kill bacteria, and they also disrupt reproduction. Silver ions are Algaestats.

    One of the benefits of using a pool ionizer is that it effectively sanitizes the water without irritating your eyes, skin, or damaging your pool liner. Pool Ionizer systems do  not completely eliminate chlorine but it does significantly reduce it, with a powerful dose of natural copper and silver ions.

    Typically with just using chlorine you need to have a residual of between 1.5-2.0 ppm, when using the ionization system you need just a trace amount of chlorine .5ppm.  Ionizers are used to help purify drinking water and also used on NASA space ships for drinking water. Power Ionizers install by plumbing them in-line, after the filter, and plug in to an outlet.

    Mineral Purifiers

    Frog purifier, with mineral pac and bac pac cartridge

    Pool Frog is another option for purifying your pool water. Mineral based system that adds copper and silver into your pool which helps kill any bacteria or viruses in your water. Using the Frog system will make your maintenance easier with less fluctuation in your pH. With this system you will use much less chlorine and maintain crystal clear water.

    The mineral pack lasts for 6 months, and then need to be replaced. Frog also makes a chlorine bac-pac that fits inside the canister and needs to be replaced every 2-4 weeks. This system has a control dial on the canister; you can increase or decrease the amount of copper and chlorine going into your swimming pool.

    Nature2 express unit and cartridgeNature 2 Express is very similar to the Frog system. Nature 2 is also a mineral based system that produces copper and silver from a 6 month cartridge.  Nature 2 will reduce your chlorine by up to 80%. This system does not completely eliminate chlorine - you still need to have a small amount of .5 ppm - just like the Frog. And you need to shock the pool to initialize a new 6-month cartridge.

    With either Nature2 or Frog, you'll enjoy a healthy swimming pool without bleached hair, burning eyes or any chemical odors. These systems also give the water a sparkle, and seems to have a buffering effect on pool pH levels, keeping the level stable.

    Ozone Purifiers

    Del Ozone Eclipse ozonators for pools

    Del Ozone has been producing Corona Discharge and UV radiation ozone units since 1975. The Ozone molecule is one of the most powerful sanitizers known. It kills anything that it comes in contact with. Ozone purifiers create the ozone gas, which is injected into the pool water, where it kills instantly, and until it gases off the pool surface. Ozone is another powerful alternative sanitizer that can help you reduce chlorine demand by purifying the water. Ozonators are standard equipment on most spas and hot tubs. Larger pool ozone units can handle pools up to 100,000 gallons.


    splashes-biguanide for pools

    Biguanides have been around for over 25 years. A Hydrogen Peroxide based system, users add a weekly sanitizer, and a monthly shock. Aqua Silk is a complete Chlorine-Free system. If you are looking for a way to become completely chlorine free in your pool, this is the only valid stand-alone system. Aqua Silk users report an easy system that is comparable in price to chlorine, without any of the detrimental effects. Just add the recommended doses of chemicals, for a worry-free pool.  

    Alternative Sanitizers are becoming more popular year after year because of the negative effects of chlorine and bromine. Please give us a call if you have any questions about Alternate Sanitizers. You can reach our pool sanitation experts at (800) 983-7665.

    Chris Low
    SPP Pool Expert

    Blog Author
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