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    Vinyl Liner Inground Pool Kit Comparisons

    March 20, 2014


    When customers call looking for information on our inground pool kits, researching their options on where to purchase, the conversation sometimes turns to talk about our competitors.

    I tell them we are not the least expensive company but SPP pool kits are probably the most inclusive on the internet. I also point out that there is no one that can give them better customer service than the SPP Pool Experts - free, unlimited support comes with every pool kit we sell.

    Derps-mom-talking-with-pool-kit-dealerLast year, there was a nice customer that I was working with; we were going back and forth for 3 months and finally she made a decision to purchase from another company because the price was $500 cheaper. Well, her pool arrived and the step was cracked - they called the pool kit dealer, and they told them to call the manufacturer. So, they called the mfg. who wanted nothing to do with them or the damaged step. In short, this became a real headache for the customer. After going back and forth with our competitor they got nowhere and called me back crying on the phone.

    To make a long story short they had to purchase a new step to get their pool built. In the long run the customer tried to save a little money but after a week of phone calls and lot of frustration - they ended up spending about $1500 more on their pool.

    button-blueName Brand Quality - All of the pool equipment that comes with our steel wall and polymer wall pool kits are genuine Hayward equipment. All pool kits include a Hayward Super pump; a Hayward S244T sand filter, Hayward pool light, Hayward skimmer, Hayward main drains and Hayward return fittings. The pool kit itself is a top quality Equator Pool from Kafko - with a 25yr warranty on the steel and 50yr warranty on the polymer wall pool kit. Other dealers may use off-brand pools and equipment, or imported brands, with very little product support or parts available.

    button-yellowSimplicity of Choice – SPP offers two different equipment packages to choose from; our Deluxe or Deluxe Plus pool kits. The difference between the two kits is that the Deluxe Plus kit includes an upgrade to the Hayward Aqua-rite chlorine generator and a Hayward Shark Vac XL robotic pool cleaner. Also, the Deluxe Plus kit includes a heavier pool liner - 27 mil thick on both the wall and floor. The Deluxe kit includes the standard 20 mil vinyl liner. These kits include everything you need to build a pool, but you do not just order it online, we work with you to create the perfectly customized inground pool kit.

    button-grnQuality Control - Before each pool kit is loaded on to a truck for shipping they are double checked in our warehouse to make sure all of the components of the pool are correct. Each skid is padded, banded and shrink wrapped to protect from any damage and also to help eliminate any missing items when the shipment arrives at your home. Our packaging is so good that our shipping damage or missing items percentage is under 1%. Our goal for this year is to reduce it even further, to be 99.9% damage and error free on all pool kit shipments.

    button-pnkReliable Shippers – We use only carriers with the highest reputation for timely, damage-free shipments. Our pool kits ship in a timely manner and will normally arrive at your home within 5-7 business days. The trucking company will call you to arrange a delivery that is convenient for your schedule. Typically our pool kit arrives in two separate shipments - the pool and liner ship from Indiana and the pool accessories ship from Chicago. With each delivery we include a lift gate to lower to the product to the ground. Other dealers may use cut-rate shippers, without a lift gate.

    button-skyUnlimited Support - We take pride in helping the DIY pool owner from the initial purchase through the completion of your pool installation. We have the SPP inground pool experts here Monday –Friday 8am to 5pm to answer any possible question you might have during the installation process.  There is nothing we have not seen and we talk you through any possible problem or concern that you might have during your pool project. I like to say “We're not in the backyard holding a shovel, but the next best thing - just a phone call away!”!

    button-pastelSPP Pool Experts - We have 5 inground pool experts with over 100 combined years of experience selling and installing inground swimming pools. All of the SPP inground pool experts have built the same steel wall pool we sell - in their own backyards. We can answer any possible question that you might have during the installation process. Give us a call and you can see first yourselves how knowledgeable, friendly and helpful we are in regards with buying and installing a DIY inground pool kit.

    button-go-go-goRent-a-Randy – Specialty Pool Products offers a unique program that no else has - our Rent A Randy program. Randy has been building pools for our customers since we started back in 1994 and has built over 1100 inground pools, all around the country.  The way this program works is that you purchase the steel or polymer pool kit from SPP and then you contact Randy via email.

    Randy has a very busy schedule and fills up quickly. A $500.00 deposit secures an installation week on the schedule.  Randy and a helper will arrive at your home and be there for 4-5 days to get your pool built. Randy does require you to have 2 or more people there to assist him in building the pool. Randy does not dig the hole you need to have an excavator on site to dig the hole. Randy will be there to make sure all of the excavating is done correctly.

    randy-roundWhen Randy leaves, you will have water in the pool and ready to swim. After the pool is completed you will have to complete your patio and backfilling around the pool. Randy will send you a contract for you to review and it gives you a breakdown of his tasks that are done on a daily basis. For more detailed information on this program and current installation rates  please see our Rent-a-Randy page.

    Other Benefits to SPP Inground Pool Kits

    • When purchasing your inground pool kit from Specialty Pool Products you should have no concerns we are member of the Better Business Bureau since 1994 with no negative feedback. I can’t say the same for our competitors check it out yourself.
    • Our steel wall pool kits have an adjustable A frame brace at each panel joint which when you do your research you will see it has more braces than almost all of our competitors.
    • We don’t offer a private label pump or filter like some of our competitors so if you need a part in a hurry with our equipment you can find it anywhere.
    • When the pool kit arrives and if there is a damaged item or something is missing you call us back and we take care of if immediately unlike our competitors.

    When comparing our pool kits to the other ones on the internet you will see our pool kits include many more items compared to our competitors. Our prices are very competitive, but remember price is not the only factor. Our pool kits are much more inclusive, we will give you better customer service before and after the sale; and most importantly - during the installation process.

    derp-thinking-this-pool-price-may be-too-good-to-be-trueIf you see a price on the internet that sounds too good to be true - it probably is. We are worth some extra cost, because we are here from start to finish during the entire installation process. A lot of our competitors are extremely difficult to get in touch with and if you can’t get in touch with them before you purchase the pool, what is going to happen when you have a problem or question? We are here everyday to assist you with any questions or concerns.

    I have been with SPP for 16 years and have never had a customer that has not gotten the pool into the ground and been very happy with the end result. Most homeowners do a better job with the installation than a local contractor because they pay attention and make sure all of the measurements are accurate. With the support you get from Specialty Pool Products during the installation process, you can save thousands of dollars compared to local contractor and but still have the inground backyard paradise you have been dreaming about.

    Give us a call and you will see why over 500 people purchase their inground pool kits from Specialty Pool Products each season.


    Chris Low
    SPP Pool Expert  

    Blog Author
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