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    Top Ten States for DIY inground Pool Construction

    July 2, 2015

    America is full of boot strappin' DIY folks, in every state of the union, people aren't afraid of a little hard work, or a challenge - like building an inground pool.

    We talk to homeowners everyday, from all walks of life, who for many reasons decide to build their own pool, rather than pay someone else (twice as much) to do it for them.

    Which state - is the Most DIY? Well, if our pool sales is any indication, we've been tracking DIY inground pool kit sales by state for years, for our own information.

    virginia-self-installs-inground-pools 10. In the Old Dominion, hard working Virginian's have been digging pools since the late 1600's - but only recently have they enjoyed the convenience of having a pool kit delivered to them on 3 skids, right down to the PVC cement. Close on the heels of Virginia is Kentucky and New Jersey, who tied for tenth place last year.  

    arkansas-inground-pool-kits-diy 9. In Arkansas, they are known for their Watermelons, but they are also known for self-installing inground pools by the hundreds! New to the top ten list this year, Arkansas homeowners literally built a ton of pools last year, and already more for 2015! There could be a connection between watermelons and swimming pools, or something.  

    diy-pool-construction-in-mass8. Massachusetts, home to Basketball and Fig Newtons is still full of industrialists, and men of action. Home to four US presidents, and my beloved Red Sox, people in Mass. are hearty do-it-yourselfer's, and dive right into DIY pool construction. They won't even hire Rent-a-Randy, it's a Puritan work ethic thing.  

    diy-inground-pool-kits-in-missouri7. The show me state of Missouri, named when it was settled by a slightly skeptical people, who also seem to be suspicious of salespeople, especially pool salespeople. Vinyl pools are very popular in Missouri, but pool builders, are not, and the stories I have heard... which I shan't repeat here. Vinyl pools are easy to dig in Missouri with nearly perfect soil conditions in most of the state.  

    diy-pool-kits-in-tennessee-26. Tennessee, the Volunteer state since the War of 1812, is full of helpful people. Just mention to a few people that you're building your own inground pool, and the neighbors will show up with shovels and picks. Since the days of Davy Crockett, Tennesseans have dug-in and made the land their own, with sweat and self-reliance.  

    michigan-is-number-five-for-most-diy-inground-pool-kits-sold5. Michigan! Are you surprised? Well, you shouldn't be - there are not only 63000 lakes in Michigan, but a whole lot of swimming pools, too! DIY inground pools in Michigan have taken off in recent years, jumping several spots in the last few to enter our Top Ten. Michigan soil is also reputably easy to dig, but do not forget to call811 before you dig!  

    build-your-own-pool-in-Illinois4. In fourth place for inground pool kits installed by homeowners, Illinois, home to some of the countries greatest sports fans and wide open prairie lands. Flat, open spaces with well drained soils that compact easily - no wonder it's the fourth most popular place to build your own inground pool! Well, there a lot of other good reasons to cut out the middleman and build an inground pool for half the cost!  

    Pennsylvania-men-of-steel-build-their-own-pools3. Down to the Top-3 self-installed inground pool states - and number 3 is Pennsylvania, the Keystone of the Union. Men of Steel and other proud industries would never let another man build a pool for them - they'd rather build it themselves. Pennsylvania pool builders may hit some shale and fieldstone, but soils are generally well suited for inground pools.  

    ohio-builds-diy-ingroun-dpools2. The Buckeye state of Ohio is second most popular place to build your own pool, and folks from Cleveland to Cincinnati are DIY-ing themselves a backyard swimming pool. There's no shortage of pool builders in Ohio, I suppose they charge a pretty penny, too. Ohio residents saved millions of dollars (yes, Millions) by building their own inground pools last year.

    the-top-state-for-diy-inground-pool-construction-is-----New-York1. The envelope please - it's New York state! the state with the most DIY inground pool kits being installed, by a tidy margin. 15% more than Ohio, the Empire state has been the top state for self-installed pools for many years. And you were thinking, what... Florida? I do not blame you, but the numbers tell a different story.

    People all over these 50 states are installing their own inground pools. Most plan it out and knock it out in about a week, but others stretch it out over a month of weekends.

    Join the thousands of satisfied pool owners who built their own pool with the SPP Inground Pool Kit. Give us a call to put help you plan and execute your inground pool project.

    Matt Spencer
    SPP Pool Expert  

    Blog Author
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