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    Top 5 Reasons to Build Your Own Inground Pool

    May 12, 2014

    top-five reasons to build your own inground pool - image purch'd from PM

    We at SPP have been selling inground pool kits since the early 90's to homeowners that have never built their own pool. We sell over 500 pool kits per year and 98% of the people do it themselves. They come from all occupations and are not in the pool industry, or even in the construction business.

    The question is, why would you want to build your own pool? There are many reasons, some of which may not have occurred for you. Here's the top five reasons to build your own inground pool - coming from my own personal experience with my own pool, and from the thousand of homeowners that have come to SPP for our quality pool kits, and unmatched, start-to-finish pool construction support.

    Build for Half the Cost

    bouncing_1_reasons-to-build-your-own-inground-poolWe sell and work with homeowners all over the country. We all know the economy is not the best right now. Swimming pool construction by pool companies have been in steady decline since 2009. The fact is, a vinyl liner pool installed by a full service pool company will cost anywhere from $26,000 to over $40,000. People just do not have this kind of money lying around, and a pool project is put on the back burner and may never happen. This is where the DIY inground pool kits come into play. If you could save yourself over half of what a pool company charges you for the same pool and install it yourself with the help of our SPP pool consultants ~ what would you do?

    98% of our inground pool kit customers take on the challenge and do it themselves. The project always gets completed and the homeowner saves a lot of money that they can use for decking, landscaping, backyard kitchens and other amenities. Once again, if you have the time to devote to the project and 3 people to help, the project will be completed.

    Build at Your Speed

    bouncing_2_reasons-to-build-your-own-inground-pool - pm purch'dThe second reason that people build their own pool is that they can take the time needed to complete the project. It can be built on your terms and schedule. There is no deadline other than the timeframe that you put on the project. Pool companies are under pressure and deadlines to get it done within a 4 to 5 day period. You can take as much or as little time as needed according to your own schedule and availability of helpers. The average time that most people take to complete their pool is 7-10 days. It's all up to your schedule, many people take a week off of work, and get it all done, and some people stretch it out over a month of weekends.

    A Better Built Pool

    bouncing_3_reasons-to-build-your-own-inground-pool - PM purch'dBelieve it or not, compared to a pool builder, a homeowner takes the necessary time to make sure the pool is done right. No corners are cut and the homeowner will usually build a better pool. How many times do you say after a project is done by XYZ company that you wished you could have done it yourself? Homeowners are very meticulous when they do a project themselves to make sure everything is done right. I mentioned before that we have sold thousands of inground pool kits and 98% do it all themselves. I have worked with homeowners from every different occupation and they have not only built their own pool ~ but the pool was either better built, or just as well-built as if a pool company built the pool.

    You'll Really Know Your Pool

    bouncing_4_reasons-to-build-your-own-inground-pool - PM purch'dWho knows the pool better than you? You were involved in every aspect of the pool building process. It started with the planning and permit process. Then to the excavation and then assembling and leveling the pool walls. From there the concrete collar was poured around the exterior base of the pool walls. Now the plumbing process was started and completed which led to installing the floor base material, and the installation of the liner. Then you wired the equipment which led to filling the pool with water and running the equipment to check for leaks before you backfill around the pool and over the pipes. Once the backfill was done the concrete patio was in process and then completed.

    After all this you know every inch of the pool and understand how everything was constructed and how the equipment was installed. This will enable you to troubleshoot and find any problem or situation that you might have with your pool. This could also save you lots of money, in future pool or equipment repairs.

     Personal Accomplishment

    bouncing_5_reasons-to-build-your-own-inground-pool - PM purch'ddo not you feel great when you complete your own project. How do you think you would feel when you complete your own pool project? Out of this world! The sense of pride and accomplishment cannot be put into words. Everyone has doubts about building their own pool and doing it right. Believe me they all turn out great. The self satisfaction that you completed your pool project from beginning to end is the best feeling you could have. If you are wondering if you can build your own pool. do not worry. We have never had a pool not go in and we never had a homeowner not finish their pool project and save themselves a lot of money overall.

    We have worked with thousands of homeowners over the years throughout the whole process and often get to see the final product and the time, effort and workmanship that went into it. Its remarkable what the average homeowner can accomplish. Check out the blog I wrote in January on just a small sampling of homeowners that built the pool themselves. Read the comments they wrote and see pictures of their pools.

    There are more benefits to building your own inground pool, such as these benefits of pool ownership, that I wrote about last month. Installing my own pool was the something I'll never forget, and the memories of working with a family team to build a family pool, are priceless.  

    Bob Arnold
    SPP Pool Expert  

    Blog Author
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