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    Top 10 Questions Asked About Inground Pool Kits

    April 3, 2012

    Here is a list of the 10 most popular questions customers ask about our do it yourself inground steel or polymer wall pool kits.

    1. Is your pool a one-piece fiberglass pool?

    No, we do not sell fiberglass pools - our pool kits are shipped with your choice of either Galvanized Steel or Polymer walls. Fiberglass pools are more expensive and - there is a chance they could crack in the colder climates during the winter. With a fiberglass pool you need a crane to pick up the pool and place it into the hole that is dug out; very expensive. Also once the pool is in the hole you only have once chance to make sure pool is completely level so you have to be extremely careful.

    2. What type of inground pools do you sell?

    We sell primarily a 14 gauge galvanized steel wall panel with G235 galvanization (the best!).  Our steel wall panels have 2 ¾ oz. of rust retardant per square foot on the panel. This will help prevent any corrosion or rusting. Another option we have available is polymer walls. These are made from a non-corrosive Polymer material. We sell both steel and polymer, but the majority of pools sold ship with the steel wall. Each pool is sold with everything needed to get started and have a fully operating swimming pool.

    3. Do you have different shapes to choose from?

    Yes we have 14 different shapes and about 4 sizes with in each shape. You can view all the different pool shapes at our website. If you don’t see the shape you like give us a call we can configure any shape or any size pool. Just give a call to (800) 983-7665 .

    4. Do you install the pool?

    Unfortunately, we do not install the entire pool for you where you can just write a check, pay for the pool and be done with it.  Our pools are typically a do it yourself project or you can hire a local contractor to install the pool for you. We do, however have our Rent a Randy program, explained below - question # 9.

    5. Can I really build this myself?

    We have been helping customers build their own pools since 1994. Many customers have absolutely no mechanical experience, whereas others are more mechanically inclined. If you have some patience and can follow a set of simple instructions you can install your own pool.  I am not going to tell you it is easy; it is hard work but not complicated work.

    The steel wall panels weigh about 60 lbs. each, so moving all of those panels is somewhat tiresome. We provide you with all of the digging specifications for the excavator and also a panel layout for you to follow. During the entire project we are here to answer any questions from start to completion. Whether we talk to you once or a hundred times, there is no extra charge. All of our inground pool experts have many years of experience and we can answer any possible questions you might have.  There is nothing that we have not seen or experienced in the thousands of backyard pools we have helped homeowners build.

    6. Do you have financing?

    We do offer a program called EZ Pay where you can pay for the inground pool kit in up to 6 monthly installments on your credit card, with no fees paid to us. The other options for payment are to use a credit card and pay for pool in full, send a bank check or wire transfer.

    7. Do you have shipping charges?

    There are never any shipping charges - we pay all of the freight and the trucking company will call 24 hours in advance to arrange delivery.

    8. Is the pool shipped to my house?

    Yes, the pool is shipped directly to your home by a truckline shipping company. We do not deliver to the trucking terminal and have you pick it up like our competitors. When the pool arrives, you do need to have at least 1 or 2 people there to help the truck driver take the pool off the truck. You will want to inspect the boxes before you sign for it; any damage should be noted on the Bill of Lading. Although this rarely happens, if you notice any damage to the box at all, simply write this on the driver's form, as you sign, then give us a phone call - so we can take care of it for you.

    9. How does our Rent a Randy Program work?

    For those who are not completely comfortable building their own inground pool, we offer our Rent a Randy program. Even using our Rent a Randy program you can still save thousands of dollars compared to a local installer. Randy and team are scheduling now for 2012 installations. For less than $5000, they will schedule a week to come to your home, and manage the sub-contractors. When he leaves, 4-5 days later, you have water in the pool. For more information on how this program works, see our recent blog post on the topic.

    10. What else do I need to purchase and how much does it cost?

    Our inground pool kits have everything you need to build the pool with the exception of concrete for the floor, the collar, and the surrounding pool deck. Consult our lengthy list of what's included in our inground pool kit packages.

    And the water of course! You'll need to provide enough water to fill the pool, and to mix the vermiculite or concrete pool floor mixture. If your household water comes from a small well, it may be advisable to fill the pool with trucked-in water. Aside from that, everything else is included in our DIY pool packages.

    I hope that this list of the top 10 pool kit questions we receive has answered yours. If you have any other question, big or small, give our pool building experts a call!

    Chris Low
    SPP Pool Expert

    Blog Author
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